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You can’t just buy a bra just because it looks pretty, right? Knowing one’s size should be a crucial step in choosing the right sized bra. Having said this, you should know how to measure your bra size. A bra size calculator is available on the shopping site of lingerie, which will help you determine your correct size. Following the bra size calculator instructions is essential because wearing an ill-fitted bra will only harm you in the long run. Read on to know more about it.

While you may be wearing a particular bra size for all these years, it’s time to check your size with a bra size calculator since your breasts change their shape and size depending on various factors such as weight, pregnancy, and hormonal changes. A bra size calculator isn’t like your regular calculator. Instead, it does your job of calculating your right size easily, so you can choose a bra that not only fits you super well but also offers comfort and prevents the sagging of breasts in the later stages. Read below and learn the tactic to calculate your bra size using a bra size calculator.

Before you begin, ensure you’re wearing a non-padded bra so your breasts remain in the proper position and have a measuring tape in hand.

Trick to measure your bra’s band size:

To measure your band size, place the measuring tape under your bra.

The tape should be pulled tight but shouldn’t be uncomfortable.

The even number will be your band size.

If you get an odd number, choose an even number closest to it.

Measure your cup size:

To measure your cup size, place the tape on your bust and whatever even number you get will be your cup size.

Calculate your cup:

Minus the band size from your cup size and note the value.

The difference indicates your cup size.

Determine your bra size:

Finally, take your band size and cup and put them together to get your bra size.

How to check if the bra fits properly

The band should fit you perfectly when secured with the hook. However, as you wear and wash your bra, the fit will become looser, so you’ll have to move to the second hook to get a little better fit.

The bridge of your bra should be sitting comfortably between your two breasts, not standing away, and make sure the underwire doesn’t dig into your skin.

Make sure the straps of your bra sit firmly on your shoulders, they shouldn’t fall off, peeking through your tops and blouses.

What to do if you don’t get a bra your size?

If you don’t find a bra your size, settle for an alternate site where the volume of the cup will be the same as your regular size. Only the band size will differ slightly. If at all your usual bra size feels loose, settle for the size to the left of your usual size. If the band feels too tight, try the size right to your current bra size.

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