The Gun That Shoots Cash Is A Great Idea As A Gift!

People say when getting gifts that ‘Thought is what that really counts’ and not the gift itself. But having said that there has to be some effort on the part of the giver into choosing a gift that expresses the emotions. That shows how important the person is to the giver. So it is essential to find some unique and cool gift ideas when you are trying to surprise someone. The cash gun is one such trendy gift idea that is sure to surprise the receiver of this gift. 

What Is a Cash Gun?

Have you dreamt of being a money rainmaker? If yes, then your dreams are about to come true! Yes if you have always wanted to act like those rich kids that make money rain, then there is a new cool gadget called the cash Gun which does exactly that. This invention can literally make money rain. Cash gun is just like a normal gun but instead of loading bullets, you can feed in $100 bills. This gun, unlike the real one, is pretty simple to operate and runs on AA batteries. To load the money lift, open the cover and place the bills in the allocated cash spot and pull the trigger and show off your magic. 

Advantages of Cash Gun

Easy to use: Using your hands to make it rain is hard work as you have to make the money rain in far all directions of the room. How would you like it if a machine could do that work for you? The cash gun does just that, all you have to do is add the bills to the machine and pull the trigger and it reaches wherever you aim it. 

Can Use Fake Bills: It is not just for those who are rich and can make money fall from the sky, it is also for those who want to practice acting like the next Bill Gates or Jeff Bezos. If you don’t have enough or don’t want to spend real money then even the fake $100 bills can be loaded into the gun. 

Durable: The gun is made of high-quality sturdy materials. That means you can use it for a rough play like this gun that shoots cash from Define Awesome without any worry of breakage.

Can be Multipurpose: The cash gun is not only a great gift idea for an adult but also for a kid. The construction is such that it can withstand rough use. Moreover, there are no small parts in this machine and hence there is no danger of it being swallowed. 

Serves Many purposes: The gun will fit many currencies including the US dollar and is suited for use in corporate events, strip clubs, parties, or even shoot out discount coupons in your supermarket.  

Even The New Japan Pro Wrestling Is Selling This Cash Gun

Wrestling merchandise is considered as one of the least attractive products that are available for purchase. From the shirts to the non-clothing goods all of them are not worth taking home as memorabilia of a wrestling match barring a few exceptions. But at last, after many years of boring products, the New Japan Pro Wrestling has introduced a product that can make dollars shoot from its cash gun. It currently has 5-time wrestling champion Okada Kazuchika’s dollar shooter. 

Using this machine is a fun way to welcome him in his matches and can also be used in parties if you or your friends are a fan of Okada. 

This is one of the most unique merchandises from the stables of New Japan Pro Wrestling and can be used anywhere and everywhere. Whatsmore the fake bills can be replaced with the actual ones if you fancy doing it.

All in all, the cash gun is one of the most unique giftings ideas for the people you love. It can be gifted to your boyfriend, girlfriend, dad, mom, spouse, brother or sister. It is also a cool, quirky and funny secret Santa gift for your coworker whom you don’t know too well to give them the perfect gift

It is ideal for not just adults but also kids too. It can be a good addition to the next wedding\bachelor or bachelorette party. Or you can go as a Santa and shoot bills and make everyone happy! 

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