8 Stylish Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Gal Pals

After spending a fruitful Thanksgiving with the family, here comes another awaited celebration of the year: Christmas. And what is the word almost synonymous with the holidays? Shopping. Specifically, for gifts to give loved ones to honor the spirit of gift-giving.

Of course, receiving gifts during this special occasion is something that people cherish, but gift recipients are not the only ones rejoicing during this season. This is also the time of the year when retailers get their high-grossing sales.

People spend a lot of time, effort, and money shopping for Christmas gifts. In fact, a Gallup study shows that an average American adult spends at most $920 on gifts per person, making a total of $1 trillion holiday spending nationwide. 

But despite the tremendous marketing efforts of retailers for Christmas gifts, somehow, people always find themselves wondering what to give their loved ones. Gift-giving can be the source of anxiety, especially if it will be for your most favorite person in the world.

The dilemma lies in what to give someone who almost has everything. If you’re facing that problem too, here are some unique and stylish gift ideas that even your thrifty friends will appreciate.

Fitness Kit

Who says that working out is equivalent to looking exhausted? This gift screams, “Be fit, but make it fashionable!” Whether this friend is a gym rat or a gym virgin, a fitness kit complete with dumbbells, ankle weights, water tumbler, a cute fitness headband, and a towel will surely make their day. 

Scented Candles

Transform every bestie’s space into a cozy nook, and unleash her inner zen with relaxing scented candles that will not break the bank. Aside from aromatherapy, candles in aesthetic packaging will also function as a great accent for her home decors. 


Who says you’re too old for a “Dear diary” moment? Studies show that keeping a journal to record thoughts and feelings has numerous health benefits. A stylish planner can also help your BFF keep track of her 2020 goals. 

Friendship Necklace

For that ultimate tear-jerking friendship moment. A friendship necklace is not just useful as a holiday gift; it can also serve as a birthday present, a friend-anniversary gift, or just a token of appreciation. 

Beauty-Sleep Set

A true friend doesn’t let her bestie look exhausted, so a beauty-sleep set is a perfect gift idea that says you care. This set may include a sleep mask, hair tie, lavender essential oil, and silk pillowcase.

Skin-Care Set

Speaking of staying beautiful, every bestie will surely jump for joy when she receives a skin-care gift pack. Make her look radiant and youthful with her favorite moisturizer, night cream, sheet mask, toner, and other beauty products.

Matching Satin Pajamas

Unleash your inner Blair Waldorf and Serena van der Woodsen with a matching satin-pajama sleepwear. After the holidays, make plans for a sleepover and binge-watch every BFFs favorite, Gossip Girl, xoxo!

Cosmetic Organizer

This is for the bestie whose neat-freak level can make Marie Kondo lose her career. A cosmetic organizer for makeup and beauty products will be a perfect gift. It is also travel-friendly, so your friend will surely thank you for that.

Gift-Wrapping Problems?

When the shopping dilemma is solved, here comes another problem, how to pack gifts such that every friend will be excited to unbox them? Well, say no more. These days, you can now easily create personalized gift boxes.

If you don’t know where to start, check out these custom mailer boxes wherein you can design gift-like packaging that is not just Instagram-worthy but is also eco-friendly and can serve as alternative storage for every girl’s trinkets.

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