Canvas Prints: Unique and Thoughtful Personalized Gifts that Show You Care

Personalized canvas prints have become very popular these days. They adorn homes, workplaces, eateries, shops and numerous other places. Regardless, some of the time it’s exceptionally difficult to choose what you truly need and how to pick the correct print.

Canvas prints are also a good substitute for pieces of artwork. Many people cannot afford to buy expensive paintings. In that case, canvas prints can become a cheaper alternative.

In this article, we will assist you with understanding what choice is the best for you, how to care for different kinds of canvas and make them look like masterpieces, which suit your home perfectly.

Before we begin, let’s clarify one basic question- What is a canvas?

What is a Canvas?

A canvas print is a picture or image printed on a canvas, which was initially made with the aim to duplicate paintings. It’s typically made in a rectangular or square shape. As a rule, canvases are stretched over wooden frames, but at the same time, it’s possible to mount them in other frames, which are usually custom-made.

Canvas decor enables individuals to add personality to their homes and offices and cover bare walls without spending too much money. Also, pretty much every picture can be imprinted if you take a photo to canvas print.

Advantages of Online Canvas Printing

There are basically three advantages that online canvas printing has over paper printing:

Unique and Thoughtful Personalized Gifts that Show You Care
  • Canvas is more sturdy than a paper photograph. The photographs imprinted on it are not vulnerable to moisture, don’t bend and it’s difficult to dismantle it. Moreover, canvas posters don’t blur away like the paper ones.
  • Canvases have a textured surface and that makes them look increasingly vivid and intriguing. Depending upon the picture, however, once in a while canvases can look like original paintings.
  • Canvas prints can be divided into multiple canvases, which can be made with DTF printing for higher quality. When hung, the canvas prints form the entire picture. A unique and complex arrangement, like that can’t be made with paper photographs, yet it is extremely pleasing to the eye.

Types of Canvas

There are three primary kinds of canvases:

  • Custom or canvas on request- These canvases are produced using your photographs or pictures and you are allowed to pick the size along with additional requirements. This is the most ideal approach to transform your own photographs into artwork.
  • Stock prints- These are prepared canvases, portraying photographs or artistic creations, which are widely distributed. These kinds of prints are the most affordable as the seller doesn’t have to make it suit every one of your prerequisites. You simply purchase what you are shown.
  • Limited version prints- These are the most costly type of canvases. They are usually original paintings by renowned artists and have a certificate of authenticity.

How to Maintain Your Personalized Canvas?

1. Canvases are mostly very durable and can serve for decades. In any case, to make them look as good as new, you have to take care of them. If you want your canvas to last for a long time, you have to consider the following tips:

2. Try not to uncover a canvas in direct sunlight for a long time, it might discolor the print. Obviously, nothing will happen to a print if it is kept in the sun. The most important thing is to maintain a strategic distance from the steady flow of direct daylight.

3. Canvases are normally water safe, however, it’s strongly prescribed not to use water to clean them. Simply take a dry feather duster or a small cloth and remove all the dust. In case you drop some water on the print, it’s better to wipe it quickly with a dry material.

4. An extreme measure of heat or moisture can also damage the canvas. That is the reason you shouldn’t place a canvas, where there is constant change in temperature and humidity.

5. Clean the canvas carefully with the goal that you should not get scratches.

Tips To Choose A Canvas for Your Home

Pick colors and designs of the print, considering your interior design. The print needs to bend in with the room and stand apart too much. That is the reason you have to realize how to coordinate colors so they complement one another and look attractive. Also, the canvas needs to suit the style of the room.

The print themes must match your tastes. These days, there is so much choice in personalized canvases that you need some time to choose which one you truly like. For example, if you’re not a fan of modern art, then don’t purchase it. You must select canvas prints that evoke positive emotions from you and improve the vibe of your surroundings.

Custom canvas prints are really famous these days. You simply snap the photo you like and transform it into an artwork by going for a photo to canvas print. You can do the same with the photographs in your home. With a bit of editing and adding filters, you can make your photos look like art.

Consider the purpose of the room. Colors and pictures can affect our state of mind and life. Therefore it’s critical to pick them cautiously. There are countless themes and colors for canvas prints that it can become difficult to choose one which fits the room perfectly. You can choose florals, pastels or abstract patterns for the living room since they would look classy, and sophisticated. If you need to put a print in a room, the colors should be delicate and soothing. Nonetheless, the more colorful ones can be placed in the lounge room and kitchen. Furthermore, each shade has its importance and impact and it’s equally important to realize that.


Personalized canvas prints can beautify any room. They can be a perfect personalized gift for your loved one as well. While opting for a photo to canvas print, keep in mind the aforementioned pointers and get the perfect canvas for your house.

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