The Best Delivery Options for Gluten-Free Diets

A gluten-free diet is known to have several benefits, such as improving cholesterol, increasing energy, and promoting better digestive health. Unfortunately, finding places that delivery gluten-free food when you aren’t up to cooking can sometimes be difficult. Try these ideas the next time you’re in the mood for takeout.

Order From a Healthy Restaurant

One of the best ways to ensure you find something gluten-free on a menu is to order from a local restaurant that’s known for its healthy items. Plenty of vegetarian and vegan cafes offer delicious menu items that are gluten-free, and many of them are adding delivery options to their services as a way to stay relevant in the age of having everything at your fingertips. A quick Google search should show you some healthy options near you and will even let you know if they deliver or not.

Buy a Salad

If your family insists on ordering takeout from a restaurant without a lot of gluten-free options, order a salad without croutons and with the dressing on the side. This is a nearly surefire way to ensure you get something gluten-free, even if you’ve never ordered takeout from the restaurant before and don’t have access to their entire menu and list of ingredients. If you want to add more protein, ask about chicken salad options, turkey, or other meats that you can add to a house salad.

Grab a Pizza

Yes, you read that right. Many pizza restaurants, including some of the national chains, now offer some of the best tasting gluten free pizza crusts. Before you start searching for the cheapest pizza specials, do your research first. Not all restaurants offer gluten-free crusts, and of those that do, some only do so if you order over the phone or carry out the pizza. Read the online ordering menu carefully to avoid accidentally ordering something that will wreak havoc on your diet and your digestive system.

Tips for Ordering Gluten-Free Takeout

Getting gluten-free food for delivery can be tricky if you have never done it before, but there are some tips and tricks you can consider to make the process easier. Probably the most important is to research in advance. Until you become accustomed to ordering food while you have diet restrictions, last-minute ordering probably isn’t the best idea. Instead, plan in advance which day you’ll order in.

That will give you time to take care of the next tip, which is to browse online menus before deciding where to order from. Whether the restaurant’s website has an online menu, or you look it up on a site that provides reviews and information on local restaurants, browsing first gives you a better idea of which restaurants can best meet your needs. Finally, call to verify. Just because something says it’s available doesn’t automatically mean it is. Calling in advance allows you time to ask questions and compare answers from various places without feeling the rush of hunger.

A gluten-free diet doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun food, but it does mean you need to put a bit more time and effort into finding that food. Whether you choose a salad or want to learn how to get a free pizza, the extra time spent will be worth it when you’re munching on your favorite food.

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