How to Be Productive After School 8 Tips

Methods of avoiding procrastination

In order to remain productive not only during the lessons, but also after school, it is necessary to know some tips that are based of the psychologists experience from around the world. To spend time effectively, the child should not overly concentrate on the personal capacity.

The questions about the productivity of schoolchildren are quite acute for today. Modern real life requires significant energy output from representatives of the younger generation. The high workload of the intensive school curriculum and the great amount of information that comes from TV and Internet sources can cause the child to apathy. Adults are anxious about the lack of child`s interest in any activity except sticking in a computer, phone or television screen, who mindlessly absorbing information trash.

Experts emphasize that the main obstacle in the desire to be full of energy is in the cult of the productive work. The concept became popular and can be considered viral. One of the most popular business schools in the UK drawn this conclusion after experts have being studied personal productivity option for several years.

There are methods and systems that contribute to minimizing procrastination and cause the desire to activity in order to have more time and enjoy the personal effectiveness. The training of purposefulness and the intention to be as productive as possible should not become an end in itself.

It will only give the pupil a feeling of dissatisfaction and leads to the fact that the child spends his leisure time fuzzily and acts automatically, like lying for hours, staring at the TV screen or use any digital gadget.It is very important to find ways to help a schoolchild who is not yet an adult, but already loaded with studies and constantly tired, to cope with laziness and prefer active work after several hours of schooling.Eight constructive recommendations will help the pupils to improve significantly their own effectiveness.

1. Good nutrition

Productivity of a person depends on many factors and one of the most important is a full-fledged and timely diet. Take food in the morning and after school, without denying yourself a good foof snack during the school breaks.

2. Complete sleep

The child`s nervous system is very vulnerable and requires full night`s sleep. Some learners need a short nooning recreation after school to spend the rest of the day fresh. Develop the habit of going to bed at 10-11 p.m., postponing in advance a book or a phoneand switch off TV or a PC. This is a guarantee that the morning will be cheerful and the whole day productive.

3. Importance of a good rest

During the day the body of a teenager requires a refreshment. An excellent way to reboot and replenish energy is to change ocupations. Mental activity is well combined with a physical one. Alternate doing home tasks with room cleaning, friends communication, walking with a dog, attending a workout or a hobby class. It is important to limit every activity and not forget about the other unfinished tasks that were postponed.

4. Physical activity

Sport triggers all functions of the body, increasing the energy tone. Join up for dancing, yoga, gymnastics or swimming classes. Without fail there are physical excercises to be in your schedule. Training contributes to the productive productivity and good mood of the child, who takes active part in the family and school life willingly.

5. Plan

Targets help in self-organization. Good sleep and a healthy body needs for at least 8 hours long. About 120 minutes per day is enough for food and respite. The school day takes about 6-8 hours long. The rest of the time should be distributed with maximum efficiency. When form a schedule, it is necessary to take into concideration not only the list of activities that can be done after school, but also the time periods for the implementation of every task. It is preferable to start with the most difficult, gradually simplifying the tasks, leaving the leisure time closer to sleep period. The daily plan will make you to be more satisfied with your life.

6. Point out the motivation component

Listen to yourself and try to understand the driving force for getting you after a busy day at school and make you get up off the coach and do something. Are you viewing different pictures in the textbooks on future topics? You should admit that this is interesting but quite superficial occupation. It will be much more effective to study the current topic additional information. It will help to achieve several goals: to deepen the level of knowledge, to get a high score and to raise the personal rating in the eyes of the teacher and classmates.

7. Set goals

Prioritization will make it possible to draw up a qualitative plan or timetable for your own education outside the school. It is important to take into account your own feelings. Regularly check if you move on in the correct direction towards the intended goal.

8. Conduct an evaluation of your own activities

Analyze personal behavior through the eyes of an outside observer. Look back at the last day activity. Did you spend about an hour or more watching the soap opera or browse the social networks news line? Ask yourself what it brought to you and it is obvious because you got nothing but emptiness. This situation is addictive and ruined. Think about how many interesting things you can do during this time.In order that life has meaning and every activity is to be effective after school, it is necessary to perceive productivity as a tool for achieving goals. This will help to organize your time properly and the way that it suffices for doing homework, not forget about hobbies and pursuing yourself.

These simple tips do not allow you to be tired all the time. It is a fact, that the more tasks you out, the more you manage. This approach let you get up in the morning rested and full of energy – strong enough on the way to new achievements. When at school it is a time for opportunities, so spend your young life useful and interesting, leaving the coach leisure time for the cat.

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