4 Types of Educational Apps According to a Write My Essay Service Expert

In the education and eLearning sphere, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought to question the centuries-old traditional education system where students have to be in class physically. Thanks to the development of online eLearning apps, learning is easier today than before.

At the height of the pandemic that took the world by storm, lockdowns were enforced globally, and physical learning became impossible. Fortunately, eLearning was able to replace conventional learning temporarily. 

Using educational apps, including professional write my essay by DoMyEssay service, students could get help with their assignments and a quality learning experience from the comfort of their homes. Therefore, the necessity of educational apps is undisputed since they make a tremendous difference in teaching and learning.

Currently, many schools and academic institutions have shown interest and invested in developing educational apps to connect students with faculties in real life. Other than these institutions, edTech companies also invest in these apps and other educational services.

Types of Educational Apps

There are thousands of things for students to learn online and dozens of ways to go about it. They can view educational videos to learn about the evolution of the human species and type in write my essay paper to get help with their research paper from professional writing services.

Different eLearning apps focus on specific study goals. Some zero in on exam preparation, others focus on learning languages, while online write my essay for me service platforms present well-written assignments.

Here are the main types of educational apps and tools.

1.   Online Learning Platforms

These are perhaps the most widespread and popular forms of educational tools. Online learning platforms often revolve around educational videos, although they also often offer text material. They can teach anything from marketing and dancing to programming and gardening.

Online courses are usually available on eLearning platforms. Here, educators and experts provide their own teaching videos and programs. Coursera and Udemy are such platforms offering lessons for students globally.

2.   Exam Preparation Apps

Other popular eLearning apps are exam preparation applications. They help students study for exams and assessments and have massive databases of various exercises from different topics and subjects. They also provide evaluation and scheduling features. 

They come in varying forms, including:

  • Databases with study resources;
  • Tests and quizzes;
  • Flashcards;
  • etc.

Exam preparation applications sometimes include supporting tools. Many students prefer to have their knowledge base and tests in one location, which is especially useful if the exam app specializes in a specific type of exam. 

Typically, each exam has a unique set of requirements. When the app can link the tests to its supporting tools, it becomes easier for students to prepare for their exams. If you are preparing for an essay writing assessment, working with a professional writer after keying in “write essay with DoMyEssay” will help you hone your writing skills.

3.   Memorization Apps

These educational apps utilize modern memorization techniques. The primary feature in these applications is the visual presentation of study material. For instance, some will use flashcards, which have been proven effective for memorization. Often, teachers in traditional classroom settings use flashcards to help learners remember historical events, terms, or words.

4.   Supporting Tools

Supporting tools help students learn, although they are not educational apps independently. They help students when they are preparing or studying for examinations. There are numerous such apps. Therefore, students have options when looking for one that will fully meet their needs. 

Examples of supporting tools include:

  • Online libraries such as Scribd;
  • Note-taking applications, for example, Evernote and OneNote;
  • Online dictionaries, for instance, The Cambridge Dictionary, The Oxford Dictionary, and The Macmillan Dictionary;
  • Editing tools such as Grammarly and Hemmingway. These help students refine their papers and are typically utilized by professional writers such as those from the best write my essay for me service platforms.

What Should You Look for in an Educational App?

When looking for an educational app, there are certain features to look out for that will help you pick the best one for the ultimate learning experience.

However, the first thing you want to do before using an educational app is to ensure that the app developer’s claims about its purpose are accurate. Rather than take the developer at their word, go through reviews to get unbiased opinions. 

Your experience with an eLearning app should accurately represent the creator’s advertised skills. For example, a write my essay paper service provider should provide what they advertise on their homepage.


There are different types of educational apps under these four categories. Therefore, finding a solution that suits you should be relatively easy. If you need help with your research or presentation, various professional writing websites offer the best write my essay for me service.

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