Designer Authentication: What is the Point?

You may have heard about the different companies and professionals who offer to do designer authentication. Designer authentication is where if you do nto have proof that something is a designer item, and to get that proof you have it authenticated.

A good way to look at it is like taking a ring to a jeweler to find out if it has a real diamond in it. Designer authentication is similar but can be applied to any designer item, like bags, shoes, and clothes.

When Would I Need It?

If you are gifted something from a relative who has said in the past that the item is a designer item, but they do not have the proof, getting it authenticated will help you know that it is real. Authentication can help if you like to thrift and you find something that looks similar to a designer item that you have seen but does not have any proof or tags to show this.

For a small fee, you could go to designer authentication experts, who will be able to help you get the evidence either way.

Another good use for designer authentication experts is if you buy undelivered parcels or if you buy abandoned storage units. In these instances, you can receive all kinds of things that you may benefit from having proof of authenticity.

You can also get a group of things authenticated at once rather than sending things one by one. All you have to do is arrange with the company how many things need to be checked and send them in. If you have a shop where you sell goods, it may also be possible to get someone to come to you to check over more items.

What Can Be Authenticated?

When looking at different items that can be authenticated, you may be surprised to learn that pretty much any designer brand can be checked. From watches to shoes, jewelry to handbags, or Gucci to Jordans. No matter which designer you like or what kind of designer items you collect, you will find designer authentication experts who can help you.

Authenticating can be completed in as little as 30 minutes, giving you proof of designer items before your item is returned to you. If you check for items to sell, this gives you the chance to list the item immediately, as soon as you know its value.

How Much?

You may wonder how much a service like this costs; honestly, this depends on the items you want checked and what designer group you think it belongs to. You will pay around $9 for Jordans and around $15 for most other designer brands; however, you may pay more if you are looking for jewelry where you will be looking anywhere from $15 up but more often around $25.


So, you may still be curious about the point of these services. The point of designer authentication services is to ensure that if you have designer items, you can sell them or keep them for their worth as a designer item.

The small charge it costs to get proof of authenticity is worth paying to determine what the item will be worth. For example, a bag you bought in a thrift store for $20 could be worth over $2,000 if it is a designer item and is authenticated.

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