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Vacuum pipes are laboratory equipment used to extract gas or air from storage tanks to create a vacuum in a particular place system. It basically draws the molecules which are contained in a specific system and generates a vacuum.

Vacuum pumps have been around us for many years. In fact, the first pump, or more specifically the first suction pump, was introduced in 1650. At that time, they weren’t being used to suck water at certain heights. This posed a colossal implementation problem and concerns for big industries.

The usage of this device was limited, and that needed to be fixed immediately. Over the years, this device has been improved. Today, there are different types of pumps, including turbomolecular, diffusion, and molecular drag pumps.

If you are thinking of buying a device like this, you have come to the right place. There are a couple of things you should consider when choosing a vacuum pump. To continue your reading about this topic, click on the following link:


The first thing you need to consider is the implementation factor. Why do you need this device? Determination of the technology could help you partially answer your question. There are different flow rates, lubrication, resistance to chemical components, and of course, vacuum levels that are important for the type of the device.

There are different types of pumps, as mentioned above. Although there are three mentioned-above types, there are two other types used nowadays in various industries.

Diaphragm pumps

If you are afraid that your device can have corrosion after a while, you need something that has a high resistance to chemicals and corrosion. The primary pump type used in these kinds of situations is the diaphragm one.

They are used in industries where there is a high usage of acidic, viscous, and corrosive products. These industries are mostly the food, cosmetic and chemical industries. There is a need for pumping water, chocolate, or similar products or gels accordingly.

These devices can successfully serve the purpose in processes where there is a need for continuity or, more specifically, non-stop operation. These pumps are basically dry ones, which means that their maintenance wouldn’t cost you much because they don’t need oil for lubrication.

Scroll pump 

Another dry pump is the scroll vacuum one. They are mainly used throughout laboratories because they have a usage in dry and clean pumping. They are exceptionally quiet and, as the dry part implies, they also don’t need lubrication with oil hence lower maintenance.

Although they don’t need regular oiling, they do need seal replacement quite often. This needs to be done regularly to provide airtightness of the device. You need to see what kind of requirements this device should fulfill and then decide which is the best one for you. Vooner and other manufacturers have a fantastic choice when it comes to quality vacuum pumps.

Rotary vane pump 

This device is maybe the best device for them all. It has high-performance, and it doesn’t cost much. These pumps are quite small and can reach a rough vacuum, which means they can extract up to 1016 molecules per cm3.

Unlike the previous two types, this device requires a change of oil to operate successfully. This means that if you want your pump to work efficiently and continuously with just the right airtightness, you would need to provide good lubrication of the moving parts.

What are they used for? Mostly for boiling solvents and aqueous samples, but they can be used for other purposes too. They are quite famous for their ability to capture the vapor before it contacts the device itself.

Liquid ring pump 

For industries like power plants, sugar factories, mines, distilleries, or even petroleum refineries and such, the liquid ring vacuum pump finds its purpose. They operate in a way that liquid is put into the device, and with a centrifugal force, it is placed on the walls of the device.

These industries use them because these devices are not that sensitive when it comes to liquid passages. Furthermore, industries like petroleum refineries require high levels of safety, which is ensured with the isothermal compression in this device.

From everything said above, it is easily concluded that these pumps can be used for moisture extraction or any other type of water removal. They are quite powerful, which allows their users to be even greater. What is even more convenient is that you can change the pressure of the pump.

Turbomolecular pump

Last but not least comes the turbomolecular pump. If you need to support high rotational speeds, you need something like this device. They are quite similar to compressors, or at least the working principle is the same. These pumps are mainly used when there is a need to put such a device on a magnetic bearing.

Like the first two types, these two don’t need lubrication and are clean pumps. They have quite a complex structure, which increases their price a little bit more. But if you need a good device to conduct analysis in your laboratory, this is the device for you.


The first thing you need to do is a little bit of research. As you can see, there are different types of pumps that can be used in various industries. The main difference is whether or not you wish your pump to need lubrication.

Although there is a difference in this part, the choice is solely yours to make. The thing that mostly depends on your choice is how often can you maintain the machine. The machines that require lubrication in the process are usually more efficient and resilient. Click here for more info.

However, they do need an oil change every 12 hours, which can be tedious to do sometimes. Moreover, they cannot be used in food industries because of this very lubrication requirement. The oil could mix up with the food and contaminate it.

The dry pumps could come in handy in situations like this. The products are completely safe because you are not inserting any oil at all. This is where dry pumps are mostly used.

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