How to Choose The Best Strap for Your Watch

There are numerous subtleties to consider when purchasing a watch, either for you or as a gift. Besides being a functional component that discloses the time, the watch is a supplement that sends a significant part of the wearer’s style and character. In that way, the tie is one of the most trademark highlights of the watch, and various angles going from the material to the plan impact it.

Ways To Choose Best Strap For Watch:

Look dial’s design:

Although we usually look mainly at the dial’s design when choosing a watch, the strap is also essential because it can limit its use when playing sports. If you are only going to use it in everyday situations or on special occasions, the metal strap will not be a problem. Logically, if your target is luxury watches, we will surely take it off for activities that may compromise its integrity. So, if you want to carry your sports watch with you at all times, silicone or rubber straps are the best choices.

Brand materials:

The material of the strap is linked to the brand. No one can imagine a luxury watch from the great Swiss high-end brands with a plastic strap since their prestige is based on using the most precious materials, such as gold, silver, or platinum. In the most classic style watches where elegance is sought, leather brings a sober touch that can go unnoticed at first sight but that in short distances denotes a lot of class. Notwithstanding, its solidness is not as much as that of elastic.

Rubber Straps:

It is precisely the most informal, sporty, or even geeky watch with the most durable straps, ready to be used while doing sports, extreme activities, or underwater. In this type of watch, we can find silicone or rubber straps. It also provides excellent resistance to shocks, rubbing, sweat, etc.; these are more economical materials; therefore, the watch’s price decreases without reducing the quality.

But just because your watch has a specific strap does not mean that you have to stay with it forever. Nowadays, the tendency (besides practicality) to change watch straps for others of very different material and style from the original one is in vogue. Because besides allowing you to express your personality and style, you can now choose among the best materials to perform your daily activities with comfort and safety. At will be able to find the best ones.

The best thing you can do once you have decided to change the strap:

According to Horus experts, the best thing you can do once you have decided to change the strap of your watch is to take into consideration the following factors:

What is the climate in the place where you live?

Seriously, nobody likes the feeling that a metal band leaves on the skin in situations of extreme heat or cold. In the first case, it becomes uncomfortable to wear, warms the skin in the area, causes sweating and evens a rash. While in too cold places, the sensation can be even painful for some people.

What activities will you do while wearing your watch?

For example, if you are an office worker running from meeting to meeting, the most obvious choice is leather; you can never go wrong with a good quality strap. In, you can find spectacular designs, with contrast stitching or even exotic leathers. If you are a person who usually practices sports, rubber straps can be ideal. In addition to having an affordable price, they are resistant, breathable, easy to clean and come in an infinite number of colors and designs, among which you are sure to find the ideal one.

What is your personality?

For the most classic and conservative people, leather straps are ideal; most of them have a sober and elegant look and are comfortable contacting the skin. If you are a little more extroverted, offers you exotic skins like snake, python, ostrich, or crocodile, among others; the rubber and carbon fiber straps are also comfortable and showy; with them, you are sure to stand out from the crowd. The metallic ones are ideal for divers or those who look for a strong and masculine look.

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