Tips on How to Choose Baby Co-sleepers

A baby co-sleeper is a great way of sharing a bed with your baby without putting your baby at risk. This is because if you have the right co-sleeper you cannot roll over the baby. Things like the blankets and sheets also do not put the baby at risk. But there are many types and models of co-sleepers. This makes it important to understand the tips onĀ how to choose baby co-sleepers.

The Type

The first tip of selecting the right co-sleeper is choosing the most ideal type. The most common types are the sidecar and lounger. The sidecar style requires the co-sleeper to be next to your bed and it even has wheels. On the other hand, lounger style is designed in a way that you can place it on your bed. You might consider the size of your bed while making a decision on the type of co-sleeper you want.


It is also paramount to ensure that you consider safety while selecting the right co-sleeper. You will want your baby to be safe even while you are asleep. First of all you should make sure that you cannot roll over the baby while asleep especially if you select lounger style co-sleeper. It should be made in a way that it provides ample protection at all times. When you select the sidecar style you should ensure that it has strong locking clips to keep the baby safe. You should also ensure that the materials used to make the co-sleeper you select are not toxic in any way.


You will also want your baby to be optimally comfortable while sleeping. Because of this you should choose a co-sleeper that provides optimum comfort. Ensure that the base and the sides are made using soft and comfortable materials. But you can also select a co-sleeper with a soft but firm base. This is because studies have shown that the firm bases usually provide more comfort to the babies. When there is too much padding the baby can have a hard time sleeping. When looking for comfort you should also ensure that there is ample ventilation to make sure your baby gets fresh air at all times.

The Age and Weight Limits

When you go to buy a co-sleeper you will find that they have weight and age limits. This means that the different co-sleepers are ideal for babies of certain ages and with certain weights. To ensure you get the right co-sleeper you should be sure about the age and weight of your baby. This will ensure that you get the co-sleeper that suits your baby perfectly. You can select a co-sleeper with higher age and weight limits so that your baby can use it even after growing older and adding more weight.

The Additional Features

Some of the modern co-sleepers come with additional features which make them easier and more convenient to use. Some of the most common additional features include spaces to store diapers, canopies and lullabies players. These additional features are only found in some co-sleepers. You can choose the one with the specific additional features that you feel that you might need. Just by going through the descriptions or making enquiries you can establish the co-sleepers with additional features. Therefore, by applying the outlined tips on how to choose baby co-sleepers you can be able to select the co-sleeper that will suit the specific needs of your baby.

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