On holidays in Mauritius- Where to shop?

A vacation in Mauritius is as dreamy as it sounds. Tropical heaven is a perfect getaway from the jostles of life. Although it has a lot of tourist spots that are equally overwhelming and beautiful, there is an underestimated aspect that you should consider- shopping in Mauritius!

Mauritius, an emblem of life, has a pleasant atmosphere anywhere and everywhere. The bazaars and the marketplaces are livened up by artisanal and chic items that live up to everyone’s taste. The vast population in Mauritius promotes diversity in terms of fashion, home decor, and so much more. As much as it seems, Mauritius is truly a shopaholic dream!

From vintage Sarees to exotic foods, this multicultural diversity whirls to produce a beautiful tourist shopping experience. Apart from timeless apparel options, embellished decors, jewelry, souvenirs, and various other goods are accommodated in Mauritius’s best shopping malls.

So without further ado, we have enlisted the shopping places for you to consider when on holiday on the paradise island. Mauritius Discovery Tours, the best tour operator on the island, recommends these malls, and you will find more on their page. So, please check them out too!

Port Louis:

Port Louis is a traditional marketplace that ages back to 200 years and is located at the center of the Port. It is a perfect marketplace if you want an authentic shopping experience in Mauritius. It is an open-air bazaar that buzzes with life. It is not exactly a luxurious place, but it does offer a tropical touch quite effectively. It is popular for traditional oils, fabrics, and exotic fruits and vegetables. It buzzes with street vendors all day long who offer the core of Mauritius cost-effectively.


If you are in the town of Flacq in Eastern Mauritius, you must visit its bazaar. The largest outdoor marketplace, Flacq, offers a colossal collection of souvenirs, baskets, purses, and handbags. The open-air market also offers dazzling jewelry, which is embellished to perfection. Moreover, it has colorful and unique textiles, fresh fruits and vegetables, and numerous seafood items. Furthermore, it is quite famous for its potato cakes, tea, and sweets sold by vendors. The vibrant place swarms with people on Wednesdays and Sundays.

Cap Tamarin:

Situated on the West Coast in Tamarin town, Cap Tamarin is a smart initiative to house all the reliable stores under a single roof. It has a wide undercover parking space with KFC and Mcdonald’s drive-ins. The mall accommodates different shops for textiles, health and fitness, beauty, and home decor. The artisanal coffee and tea shops here are quite popular among the locals. Moreover, it has a good ambiance and provides the vast majority of products under one roof. Furthermore, it also caters to a grocery mart service within the mall.

La City Trianon:

Formerly known as Trianon Shopping Park, it is a luxurious shopping mall that accommodates hundreds of stores. The megamall houses various apparel, jewelry, home decor, technological gadgets, footwear, and souvenirs. It also has a conjoined grocery mart facility, making everything easier and accessible for individuals on errands. The food court provides significant options for food outlets, snacks, juice bars, and cafes. Other than being ideal for a shopping spree, many events take place, which are as entertaining as one can imagine!

Kendra Shopping Mall:

Situated in St. Pierre, Kendra shopping mall successfully caters to providing everything you need. Along with a cozy ambiance, it is a perfect place to find embellished ornaments, garments, makeup accessories, and footwear. The pivotal factor about this mall is that it houses the course of events on the established retail calendar. It means that around the year, Kendra offers celebratory opportunities to boost your shopping experience. Other than all the extravaganza, Kendra lodges multiple food outlets and a vast parking space.

Adamas Showroom:

Located in Floreal, Adamas is home to intricate diamonds. The showroom screams magnificence. The splendor of gleaming diamonds is blinding and holds historical importance to it. Adamas also accommodates a museum facility where the lavish diamonds sparkle to narrate to the tourist its evolution. Here, the history, diamond formation, and manufacturing process are documented. On the contrary, it is pricier as it succeeds in offering the splendor of the most exquisite stones. However, we find it worthy of every single penny!

Shop around these locations, and your holiday in Mauritius will be a success! We hope this guide helped you find the best shopping spots for tourists in Mauritius.

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