Korean Wolf Cut – The Hairstyle You Can Try Today

Korean Wolf Cut is undoubtedly one of the most popular hairstyles of recent times. It is nothing new, though, as the hairdo has been fashionable since the 1970s. Even the greatest Hollywood stars, like Miley Cyrus, Keke Palmer, and Billie Eilish, recently had the same haircut. Numerous K-pop stars sporting the same hairdo is another factor in the popularity.

Although Asians are the ideal candidates for this hairdo, anyone can try it. Many people have tried this classic hairstyle on social media. Its ease of application is the primary factor of its appeal. This hairdo is even doable by oneself. Hence, it’s a sensation on Tiktok.  In fact, there are tutorials online that show you how to acquire this haircut in 3 to 5 minutes.

Therefore, in this post, we’ll cover all there is to know about this hairstyle, from the best variations of the original wolf cut to how to decide if it’s right for you.

What is Korean Wolf Cut?

The most popular hairstyle of late is this Wolf Cut. Millions of individuals utilized the hashtag on the internet. Then the users shared everything, including pictures of their hairstyles and instructions for creating their own. However, we advise visiting a salon for the best outcomes.

The hairdo, which has South Korean roots, is a cross between a mullet and a shag. The style has waves at the back and features dense layers at the top. So, the reason why anyone can style hair like this is that it is suitable for all textures and lengths.

What are the best versions of wolf cult ideas to try out?

The best wolf haircut ideas to try include:

1.   Simple and Sleek Wolf Cut

The easiest Korean Wolf Cut to practice is this one. However, this is the style to choose if you want to look sleek. For medium to short hair, it works well. Similarly, for this haircut, it doesn’t matter what texture your hair is. This might be a smooth transition if you are reluctant to explore new things.

2.   Short Wolf Haircut

Women with long hair know the struggle of maintaining them. The thought of cutting hair short has entered their head at least once. So if you are one of them and you are planning to cut your hair short then try out the short wolf haircut.

3.   Wolf hair Cut with Curls

As we mentioned multiple times above that this hairstyle goes with any texture and curls is one of them. Those who have curls know how difficult it is to style curly hair. So if you have curly hair you can try this hairstyle as it looks better when you have a good volume of hair. The results may surprise you as they look soft and give you a modern look.

4.   Messy Bangs

Try out this haircut if you desire bouncy hair with natural volume. Your fringe and bangs can be styled any way you like. This is among the most well-liked options on the list. Since you can style them as you wish, it is the most customizable.

5.   Blonde Wolf Haircut

This is the haircut that will instantly draw attention to you. You decide the shade and how much you want to emphasize your natural hair. With a good volume, lighter colors work best. For instance, Billie Eilish chose a lighter tone when she tried the wolf haircut since she has good volume.  However, darker shades of blonde are women with frizzy and dry hair. This haircut is incredibly stylish and easy to pull off.

There are so many more ways wolf cut can be done everything from coloring it differently to try different lengths. You can even experiment with different volumes. So pick the one you think is best for you.

Why is this haircut so popular?

Its widespread use is due to a variety of factors. With millions of hashtags, it was one of the most popular hairstyles. Its popularity can also be related to how well-liked Squid Games are. Given that the lead actress had a similar Korean Wolf Cut. But the ease with which this haircut may be achieved is the main factor in its appeal.

Everybody enjoys various celebrity haircuts. However, they are not generally useful or simple to manage. They have a talented team that works hard to keep their style. But anyone can attempt this hairdo because it is so simple. The haircut is not particularly innovative, but it has been popular for some years since it is so straightforward.

Is this haircut for you?

Is this haircut right for you? It’s popular and one of the simplest to try. Many people who cut their hair immediately regret it. This is a result of inadequate planning on their part. Even if a hairstyle is popular and looks nice on a lot of people, that doesn’t guarantee that it will look good on you.

So here are some things you must know before you this haircut.

  • You might need to style your hair every day. As we’ve already explained, Korean Wolf Cut looks best when you have a good volume and structure of the hair. You might have to keep up with it every day. If you don’t maintain them, your hair will rapidly appear unkempt. This haircut might not be suitable for someone who leads a busy lifestyle.
  • The trick in this situation is to choose the hairstyle that best suits you out of the five that we have suggested. You must choose a haircut that you will keep for days whether you decide to cut it yourself or visit a hairdresser. The majority of wolf cuts are short to medium lengths, so if you choose to chop your long hair, it will take a lot of time to get your original haircut back.
  • Get everything in order before getting this haircut. Social media trends make it seem simple because many people are even styling it in less than a minute. But it’s not as simple as you probably thought after reading the previous paragraphs. Therefore, once you’ve decided on a haircut, you must stick with it; therefore, make a plan and it may be the right haircut for you.


Thus, we have covered everything you need to know about the Korean wolf cut. Now it’s up to you to determine if this haircut is right for you. It is a simple hairstyle to trim and care for, however, we do advise having a skilled stylist handle it. One thing you should keep in mind is that bouncy hair is not for everyone. So this may not be the look for you. But it is a haircut that works for virtually everyone, thus we suggest it.

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