Here Are 8 Reasons Why Buying a Bluetooth Speaker Is a “Yes!”

The things people use have been changing since innovation takes place. Almost everything gets not so popular after a time, gets modified or gets eventually replaced by something else. This happens because people’s interests and needs also change.

Probably one of the many innovations the world has today in terms of technology and electronics is the birth of the Bluetooth speaker. If you come to think of it, this is such a very clever idea of the one who decided to actually make it happen. People are truly amazed and thankful at how the Bluetooth speaker is able to make life (in some specific ways) and listening to music better!

You might just think that “Nah, it’s just a speaker. Nothing special. I can just use my phone with my earphones.” Well, it’s true that you can do that, but a Bluetooth speaker isn’t just a “speaker”. It definitely has a lot of advantages that give you many reasons not to hesitate buying one for yourself. Here are 8 of them:


This surely is one of the main factors that make the Bluetooth speaker not just a “speaker” you see out there. The usual speakers are huge, not easy to carry and not suitable to be placed inside bags. A Bluetooth speaker’s big alas is its incomparable portability.

A Bluetooth speaker is usually small in size, which means it’s easy to carry. It saves space in the area where you place it, especially if there are many other things place on there — let’s say on top of your study desk. It doesn’t consume a big space inside your bag as well. You can put in a small bag if you need to. There are different colors, designs and shapes. Some are rectangular, cylindrical or others, and you can choose as desired. You can freely slip the Bluetooth speaker in your bag without hassle because it has a compact design.

Its small size is partnered with a weight lighter than any typical speaker, thus, it’s convenient to bring wherever you go. You can even just hold it with your hands while using it. It won’t add a burdensome weight to the loads of your bag.

Bluetooth Speaker


So that’s a pun for “Why are you not here?” It’s “Wire, you not here?” since a Bluetooth speaker has *drum rolls* no wires! Yes, it’s wireless! That’s one of the best things about it. You know how wires and cords can be troublesome when they get tangled. Fixing them are very much time-consuming and annoying.

It’s not like your PC’s speaker which only allows you to use it if it’s connected to the PC itself, and if you’re sitting on the computer chair or anywhere near it. A Bluetooth speaker changes the game as it just lets you take it wherever since you don’t need to connect it with a wire to somewhere else. You just connect a Bluetooth device such as a cell phone or a tablet, then you can already use it.


Not literally but a usual Bluetooth speaker has its own feet for it can stand on its own, without needing any other separate stand or base. It is made for your convenience so that you can just literally place it somewhere in no time. Unlike earphones, you don’t have to put it in your ear, and unlike wired speakers with stands, you can just let it stand on its own on the table.


A Bluetooth speaker has no wires, which most likely entails that it’s not necessary to plug it somewhere unless you’re going to charge it. It’s wireless and battery-operated, thus, it enables you to save electricity. It’s very convenient as well because you can play music through it even when the electricity is down or if you’re in area where power is hard to acquire.


Anybody can use a Bluetooth speaker — literally “can” because it’s a piece of cake to use it. You don’t have to be very knowledgeable about electronics to be able to use it. There are no installations needed to be performed. Just open it, pair and connect a Bluetooth device to it, and you can use it immediately.


The Bluetooth speaker’s wireless and battery-operated characteristics don’t change anything about the music you play from your phone. How it sounds through your phone’s speaker is how it will come out from the Bluetooth speaker or even a whole lot better! It’s also nice since the sound’s features, such as bass levels, will be more emphasized. You’d be astounded at how such a little speaker can produce a good quality of sound up to a maximum volume which is good to hear!


It’s not hard to be friends with the Bluetooth speaker because you can connect any device with a Bluetooth function to it. Any brand of cell phone, tablet, even laptop will do!


One of the greatest reasons for you to purchase a Bluetooth speaker is that it lets you share music or sound wherever you are! You can bring it to family reunions, picnics, gatherings and other medium-sized events! Place it on the picnic mat, play music and have fun with your loved ones!

You can use it at home too while you’re doing household chores; place it on top of the dining table, and play music while you cook. Instead of opening the television which you can’t see while you’re busy, a Bluetooth can help you have a good time with music while saving electricity. If you’re bored, and if you want a more exciting gaming experience in your cell phone, connect it to a Bluetooth speaker for louder sound effects! Lastly, for important calls, you can use it too. If your hands aren’t free, you can connect your phone to the Bluetooth speaker to answer or make a call. It’s more ideal and safer especially if there’s no one else around while you converse.



There you have it! A Bluetooth speaker surely has several benefits that make listening to music and make life more convenient. It saves a lot of time, effort, power and space. Its Bluetooth function, as a unique type of speaker, breaks the bounds brought by wires and cords.

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