5 Designer Jewellery Brands You Should Reconsider!

There are hundreds of hundreds of Jewellery brands that are released every year and with new developments, jewellery is becoming increasingly delicate or technical. There are however brands that have a huge tradition, heritage and genuinely beautiful jewellery. Jewellery is something that should be created with passion, rather than manufactured in bulk and sold for monetary value, so we have come up 5 designer brands you should reconsider!



Theo Fennell

Theo Fennell have boasted a reputation for some of the most beautifully complicated jewellery. Fennell use traditional materials, such as silver and gold alongside creative techniques to create truly special jewellery. The idea behind the brand is to highlight that good things arrive in small packages, which also is an indication is their jaw dropping designs. If you need something that oozes class, brilliance and magnificence, , Theo Fennell is a brand you should really reconsider.

88 Rue Du Rhone

If you’re looking for something classic and timeless, 88 Rue Du Rhone have a huge Swiss heritage behind them. Swiss watches are known to provide a luxury edge, but 88 Rue Du Rhone offer luxury with a contemporary design and realistic prices. Elie and Pierre Bernheim are grandsons to the famous watchmaker Raymond Weil, so watchmaking is in their blood and with their inch perfect designs, its largely evident. If you want something that is electric

Clogau Gold

Clogau are world famous, yet many people are unaware of the purest gold jewellery. It is a brand that has become nationally recognised creating some of the most beautiful, classic and royal jewellery ever made. Clogau have seen their jewellery worn by the Royal Family, becoming some of the most popular, south after and precious jewellery in the world. Clogau place love and dedication into each and every detail, winning several awards and become sold in some of the most popular stores.


In terms of heritage, U-Boat offer two different styles which are merged. It combines Swiss movements with Italian heritage, creating one of the most technically efficient watches. U-Boat watches are distinctly different, with distinct features that only a U-Boat watch could truly possess. It doesn’t stop there as the materials that are used are rare, special and unmatched. U-Boat are known to use acid baths in order to design their watches, including a host of sophistication into their practices. There are U-Boat watches worn all over the world, with an international appreciation.

Tresor Paris

Similar to Clogau and Theo Fennell, Tresor Paris are proud of create jewellery with luxury and elegance. Whether you are looking for crystal, diamonds, gold or silver, Tresor Paris use their tradition to create each and every design. Tresor create timeless and handcrafted jewellery to help provide the ‘perfect’ and only jewellery.

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