The 4 Natural Ways to Achieve Firmer Breasts

Today, women are commonly insecure about the size, shape and firmness of their breasts. In the world of cosmetic surgery, breast augmentation procedures are still the most popular course of treatment for women and furthermore, it has been reported that the demand for breast lifts has increased by twice the rate of implants have.



Breast lifts essentially work raise the woman’s breasts by taking away the excess skin of the area in order to tighten the surrounding tissue and reshape the cleavage. That being said, thousands of women each year enter into this surgery and unfortunately don’t receive the goal they were looking for. Often complications occur which can cause difficulty in breast-feeding as well as irregularities in the overall aesthetic following the work. More commonly, damage or scarring on the nipple and where the breast tissue was removed can occur. As more and more people are receiving and reading about unsuccessful treatments as well as stories about individuals seeking breast implant compensation, it is no wonder why more women are seeking out natural remedies to cure their self-diagnosed breast issues. Therefore, we have put together this handy little list of natural remedies that will help you achieve those desired firmer breasts without having to enter into surgery.

Cucumber and Egg Yolk

Why not make your own mask to reshape your saggy breasts, using cucumber and egg yolk? The reason behind this is that cucumber contains natural skin-toning properties and egg yolk consists of high levels of vitamins and protein that lead to making your breasts firmer. Begin by blending the cucumber. Next add a teaspoon of cream or alternatively butter, a single egg yolk and then apply the paste texture to your breasts. 30 minutes later after you applied the concoction, use cold water to wash it off. If you repeat this process once a week, you will see a definite strengthening in your breasts.

Almond Oil and Aloe Vera Gel

For our second method, why not try by massaging them with almond oil or aloe Vera gel. Aloe Vera is a wonderful plant that contains amino acids and clever little vitamins that stimulate to growth. Not only do they help with growth, they also increase the blood circulation to the area, allowing you to tighten up your boobs. Once more, Almond oil similarly will have the same effect to your boobs as it is proven to boost the circulation.

Get to The Gym!

This is the obvious tip but one that proves one of the best! There are literally hundreds of different exercises you can do to improve the firmness of your cleavage. Whether it’s lifting weight or taking part in activities such as swimming, if you’re working those pectoral muscles, the weights won’t be the only things that are getting a lift. Other things you could try is push-ups, yoga, shoulder presses as well as wall-ups. These are all exercises that build the muscle beneath the breast tissues, giving them a much firmer and lifted appearance.

Fenugeek Mix
An older remedy, the oil of fenugeek can help to develop the elasticity of the breast tissues, leading to enhancing the overall size by manufacturing synthetic estrogren that promotes new growth in the cells of the breast. In addition, it also makes the skin around the boob smoother, which is always a bonus. Create the paste to use by stirring fenugeek with vitamin E oil, egg whites and yoghurt. Following the creation, apply it to your breasts and then once again leave for half an hour before rinsing it away. If you keep this up every week then it won’t be long till your breasts are feeling firmer and you’re noticing changes that are evaporating your insecurities!

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