Why Choose Paper Bags Over Plastic Bags?

Today, when you encounter a choice of choosing between “paper or plastic?” The intuitive answer is “Paper!”. We understand that plastic is adverse to the environment, and so are plastic bags. Plastic, in particular, choking our wildlife, clogging up our oceans and generally wreaking havoc on the world. 

Paper bags are gaining significance as these bags are 100% recyclable, biodegradable and reusable and at the same time environment-friendly and pose minimal danger to wildlife.

Paper bags require less energy than plastic bags for recycling. These bags have evolved a lot since the beginning of the mid-nineteenth century, when some paper bag producers started developing paper bags that are more handy and long-lasting.  These bags are usually box-shaped in design that allows them to stand upright and contain more goods. Numerous corporates are using paper bags for marketing, advertising, seminars, product packaging and promotional purposes. 

By choosing superior-quality, paper bags manufacturer like ICEGREEN can deliver recycled brown colored paper bags in small and big quantities, premium and regular paper bags which append a professional touch that customer’s love and appreciate. Besides, you can also attach or print custom brand to any paper bag to advertise your business.  

Why choose paper bags over plastic bags?

  • Plastic bags cause damage to the environment and ecosystem by increasing land, water as well as air pollution. Non-biodegradable bags such as plastic has an adverse effect on natural habitats, leading to the death of numerous animals and mammals. On the contrary, paper bags are eco-friendly and can be recycled. 
  • Wood is the manufacturing source of paper bags, making these bags recycled into new paper- like newspapers, books or magazines. These papers are renewable in nature and can easily be degenerated and also, they do not pile up on dumpsites.
  • Paper bags are very economical and can be purchased even at very low cost if bought wholesale. 
  • Having a paper bag is empirical and one can use them daily in carrying routine products like groceries and other usual stuff. The premium quality paper bags can also be used as paper gift bags. 
  • If added as your status symbol, these paper bags can emboss and grain to enhance your look as, nowadays, several individuals prefer using paper bags as they are neat, easy to carry and can hold a lot of stuff.  
  • These recycling bags are used broadly in exhibitions and malls for delivering over the counter products as analysis shows that paper bags contain at least 30% of the recycled material. 
  • Reusable produce bags like ICEGREEN can help you in selecting the right size and type of paper bags as per your requirement, budget and project. 
  • One can choose from a variety of  ICEGREEN paper bags such as reusable paper shopping bags, reusable paper wine bags, laminated paper wine bags,  and a lot many options for you to choose from. 
  • When a product is carried and kept under a premium quality paper bag, can allure more customers, which eventually helps in marketing your brand to the potential audiences.

ICEGREEN; established, owned and operated in Canada, distributes its own paper bag products to the seekers of the region and across the world. ICEGREEN is a leading international producer, supplier, producer of reusable bags, and other eco-friendly products that make sense for consumers and businesses alike. These include products like nylon bags, eco-friendly and reusable Drinkware, custom e-commerce packaging and a lot more. 

All the products offered and manufactured by ICEGREEN are the finished products from the raw-materials like bamboo, FSC-certified kraft Paper, recycled PET and a lot more. 

So, if you are eco-friendly wine paper bags or other reusable produce bags, contact ICEGREEN today and contribute to making Earth a better place to live.

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