10 Stylish Footwear Options for Women of All Ages

Everyone knows that the right shoes can make or break any outfit, but no matter what type of shoes you prefer its likely you find yourself overwhelmed with the many choices out there. From high heels or sandals for women, there are so many stylish options when it comes to shoes that you may not know where to begin. 

While it is important to match your footwear to your outfit, since obviously not every shoe is going to look correct with each item in your wardrobe, there are many unexpected pairings like sneakers and a dress, for instance, that can make a big statement about your personality. For more stylish footwear ideas keep reading. 

1. High Heels

The feminine classic and a true standard for a reason, there is actual science to back up the fact that men prefer women who are wearing high heels. (The higher the heel the more subconsciously you may attract men.) From the tallest stilettos to the low pump heels, the size range of the heel that is currently in style is less important than your comfort level. 

Wearing high heels can cause strain on your body, especially your feet, ankles, and legs so never wear heels higher than you can easily walk in. While high heels certainly are the most stylish shoe option, being able to be paired with both trousers and dresses well, a cast or boot from a mishap certainly isn’t the look you are hoping for.

2. Athletic Sandals

Why settle for a cheap pair of flip flops when you can look classy and comfortable in a pair of athletic sandals? There are many options that offer both great arch support and thick treads perfect from hopping from the beach to a hike. 

Because athletic sandals are open-toed they can be dressed up or down while still maintaining ample protection for your feet and letting them breathe as well. An athletic sandal has the advantage of being able to go from water activities to dry ones without much to do at all, making them an ideal all-purpose summer or warm weather footwear option. 

3. Booties

The term “booties” is the popular name for boots that hit near the ankle. They are an on-trend footwear option and a must-have shoe for fall weather.  This versatile staple can pair well with jeans, skirts, and dresses making them the true winner of all the shoes. 

While calf-height boots can be difficult to find since everyone’s calf measures differently, running the risk of tight boots or droopy ones, ankle boots can fit almost anyone, making them the champion of all the boot options. Finding a pair you love will be easy, it may be harder to narrow your options down in fact!

4. Loafers

The comfortable classic loafers are back in a big way but just because your grandmother had a nice pair doesn’t mean you can’t find a pair in a fabulous print to rock. The leopard print loafer is extremely popular and versatile, they can dress up a pair of sweatpants on your way to morning coffee certainly. 

Loafers in exciting patterns and styles can also make an outfit pop and express your personality especially if you have a dress code that requires you to wear mostly black. (Hairstylists, you know what I am saying.)

5. Tennis Shoes

Don’t be fooled, all-purpose athletic footwear can be stylish as well as functional. Perfect for heading to the gym or a park, tennis shoes are available in so many different colors and designs that you would be hard-pressed to find a pair you don’t love, whether you go for a run in them though is up to you. 

Known well for being ridiculously comfortable, if your shoe is rubbing you the wrong way you should consider getting fitted since you may be wearing an incorrect size or style for your foot. The right shoe will look great and feel like you’re walking on air, perfect for almost any occasion. (Some brides even choose them for their wedding!) 

6. Hiking Boots

It may sound strange in a world of fashionable shoes to talk about a clunky hiking boot. With their thick protective soles and stiff, occasionally water-resistant uppers, these seem to be more apt for those who are actually planning on doing some hiking. Yet in 2019 hiking boots are stirring up some excitement on the runway. 

Stomp into the new year rocking a pair of designer hiking boots. In high fashion, they are even paired with thick socks to offer extra warmth. Match them with a skirt or denim and let the hiking boots stand on their own as the grounding element in your outfit. 

7. Flats

It may seem boring to you to consider flats a stylish shoe, but for many women, they are the shoe of choice and can absolutely look wonderful and compliment an outfit. Part of what can make a flat shoe frumpy is when it doesn’t fit properly. Making sure you’re wearing the correct size and width is so important, especially if your foot is narrow or wide, in making you look nice!

When paired with the right pant option, flats can make your legs look longer and leaner so they really are a great option when considering new shoes to add to your wardrobe. Matching the shoes to your outfit is a great way to not draw focus to the flats if you want others to not pay them any mind. 

8. Oxford Shoes

When you are looking to make a serious statement in the workplace consider rocking a pair of oxford shoes. Since these are designed like men’s shoes, they don’t offer the same feminine appeal as the other shoes on this list but they can be elevated out of masculinity when paired with skinny jeans or trousers. 

There is an air of dressiness to an oxford that makes them the perfect choice for business meetings even if your typical look isn’t too preppy. Don’t let anyone fool you into thinking you can’t wear an oxford shoe if you want to, shoes are a wonderful way to showcase your style, whatever that may be. 

9. Clogs 

Not just for the Dutch, clogs now come in a variety of styles and colors making them a supportive and comfortable option for you that is stylish. Clogs are designed to align your spine, helping you to stand up straight and alleviate any lower back pain. 

Easy to slip on and off, clogs fit loosely so your feet won’t feel scrunched up and you will be comfortable. If you are looking for a shoe that offers excellent foot support but still can be worn throughout the bulk of the year, then check to see if a clog is a shoe you’ve been seeking out!

10. Boat Shoes

While boat shoes may conjure up the idea of yachts and sailing, anyone can pull off a classy pair of boat shoes. With a comfortable fit reminiscent of sneakers but a classy sophisticated look that elevates the wearer to a more put-together look, a great pair of boat shoes can easily be dressed up or down.

With many brands and colors to choose from, there are really only two materials used to create the perfect pair, either canvas or leather. Canvas is best suited to the warm weather climates, and to actually be worn on boats where they could get wet. Since boat shoes are typically worn without socks it is important to break in your new shoes prior to wearing them for long stretches. 


There are so many different styles of shoes to consider, and all of them can be considered stylish when carefully matched to an outfit and your attitude. If you love your shoes don’t let anyone tell you differently, you want shoes that will make you happy no matter how stylish others think they are. Plus, new shoes are the best so have fun shopping for footwear!

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