What To Know About Trillion Cut Diamonds

When it comes to diamonds, many shapes have been brought to us during the last couple of centuries. Thing is, some shapes have become obsolete in comparison to others, and are less known and discussed.

With that said, we are going to talk about the trillion cut diamond, Also known as the Trilliant or Trillian, the trillion cut diamond is a triangle-shaped jewel that usually has rounder sides. They were firstly introduced in the Netherlands, and nowadays, they are not as popular as their round cut counterpart. Still, some people interested in going outside the box may become attracted to its shape.

This specific cut is usually used to accent other stones in a piece of jewelry, although in some rare occasions, it can be used as the center stone of a piece. There are two types of trillion cut diamonds: the curved ones and the straight ones, with each one having its own advantages.

Things to Consider

Although the round type of cut is usually more popular, the trillion cut may appear to be larger in comparison, so if the size is important for you, this one may be a great alternative. Of course, if the cut is too shallow (which makes it seem wider) it won’t be as brilliant, so take that in mind.

Another thing to consider is that this type of cut is prompt to chipping at the pointer ends, so it has reduced durability in comparison to round types of cut. This shouldn’t be a problem if the diamond was properly handled and tightly put on the mounting.

This may be difficult, though, according to this article, because of how trillion cut diamonds are hard to handle and difficult to set.

The person dealing with the process needs to be especially careful due to the delicacy of the stone. They also need to have protection to avoid further damage.

The prongs used for this type of diamond tends to v-shaped, so the stone can fit perfectly in it, thus avoiding possible complications and damage. Of course, there are more standard prongs, but they are not as recommended as the v-shaped ones. 

As a personal opinion, I think that having the right type of jewelry for this type of stone is completely necessary in order to ensure the jewel’s durability as well as it’s beauty. Since it’s more vulnerable than other stones, you should make sure you are making the right choice when it comes to setting up the piece you are looking to obtain. Making the wrong choice during this process might lead to regret later on, so you should be careful about this.

In comparison to other shapes, this specific diamond tends to have less brilliance. Round diamonds, on the other hand, were perfectly designed to be as sparkly as possible.

Because of this, trillion cut diamonds may require more maintenance than your standard shapes. Of course, that is the case if you want to keep it brilliant and beautiful.

Other Options

Of course, when it comes to precious stones and jewelry, there are many options in the market. Of course, there’s the standard round shape which is known for producing the most sparkles and being very beautiful, but if you are not attracted by the standard, you can always check other shapes.

For example, the heart-shaped and pear-shaped diamonds are pretty famous. The heart-shaped is bought for younger people, and the pear-shaped has a rather fancy feeling. The emerald and the cushion shapes are rather big and very noticeable. The oval shape is also rather big and has its own level of roundness.

Of course, every shape has its own advantages, and the price is one of them. The round one is usually the most expensive, but that’s because of its popularity and how great it looks no matter the jewel.

If you want to know more about it, you should read more.

Researching for different types of shapes and understanding their advantages and pros is a wise move, in my opinion. That way, you’ll know which one seems the most perfect for your own circumstances, and you may adapt your budget thanks to this information.

It’ll also be great to decide on a piece of jewelry since some pieces are better than others. If you want to surprise your significant other, researching is also very important to get to know what you are getting into. Jewelry is very expensive, so making this decision without any type of preparation is not recommended.

If you were thinking about buying a trillion cut diamond, now you know the type of jewelry you should get, and why. And also, the steps you’ll need to take to make sure that the diamond’s durability is not reduced, as well as its beauty.

With that say, I invite you to check other types of cuts so you’ll have a wider variety of options to choose from!

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