The many facets of Moroccan rugs

If you are attracted to antique art, then there is every reason why you must have Moroccan rugs at home. The vintage piece of artwork displayed on the rugs adds a unique dimension to the overall decor of your home. The rugs are unique creations that have tremendous aesthetic appeal and are so much versatile that it sets in very well with the contemporary decor of the surroundings. When you place the rug on the floor, it becomes the focal point of attraction. You will be surprised how a single piece of furnishing brings about a complete change in the appearance of your home interior. Such is the stunning appeal of Moroccan rugs that it occupies the centre stage in home decor today.

Moroccan rugs

It has another name

The great Moroccan rugs are even popular as Berber rugs. The rugs are creations of artisans and weavers belonging to the Berber tribe hence the name. At least seventeen different tribes are owned by the Berber clan that earns a broader identity in the name Beni Ourain. Do not be surprised if you come across Beni Ourain rugs when you are shopping because it is the same famous Moroccan rugs created by the Berber tribe. Wool is the most widely used material for making beautiful rugs. To make rugs colourful natural dyes made from indigo, almond leaves, henna, cochineal and iron sulphate provided the colour source. However, since the middle of the twentieth century, artificial colours replaced natural dyes.

A reflection of lives

The weavers were mostly women who create designs based on the experience of their lives. The aspects of daily life ranging from birth to death and covering femininity, nature, fertility, spirituality, beliefs and rural life as well as natural events like flood and famine are depicted through the designs. In this respect, the rugs are reflections of life of the Berber tribal that find a form of expression in the design of rugs. Some even believed that carpets and rugs could ward off evil spirits and incorporated suitable design elements that correspond to lucky charm that brings well-being and prosperity.

Typical design features

Although there are many designs available and you will hardly find any two designs similar to one another, a common design trend emerges from the typical range. The trait enables to identify Moroccan carpets and rugs quickly as it becomes the hallmark. The background is usually a cream coloured base or white on which geometric lines create abstract shapes mostly and even diamond shapes. Most of the rugs have a border or fringe and are hand woven.

Protection from the cold weather was the purpose of using woollen rugs, but this has changed with times. In modern homes, rugs are decorative floor coverings and part of furnishings used for home decor. The abstract nature of designs adds versatility to Moroccan rugs so that it matches well with contemporary styles of interior decoration. The affordable price of rugs adds to its wide acceptance among people from all walks of life.


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