Thirteen Quick Guidelines for Enhancing Your Skills in Web Design

Websites are a crucial part of a business marketing strategy in the current era. It offers valuable insight to prospective customers the same way the essay com, for instance, can inspire a student to write their homework assignments. However, designing your business website can prove challenging owing to the careful balancing act of the diverse stakeholders. 

So how should you go about building an effective business or company website? Here are some valuable tricks and shortcuts to use that can never disappoint.

Quick Tips to Building an Effective Web Design

  • Web Design in a choice shade or shades of gray before adding color. It’s important to start very basic and using gray compares to wireframes when it comes to visual designs. Add your images after the gray before finally editing using different complementary colors in designing different elements sequentially. 
  • Use a keynote in creating rapid prototypes of the pages. You often don’t require Photoshop in creating rapid web page prototypes, landing pages, and other interface elements of the website. Instead, you can use the whole range of keynote in making mockups.
  • Incorporate web fonts. After settling on a guide- corporate style, you need to incorporate web fonts. 
  • Hide the social platform icons as you wouldn’t want to invite your site’s visitors to leave immediately they get to your page. You can situate the icons on your footer rather than place them on your website’s header.
  • Abandon the carousel or slideshow mode on your website’s homepage. Many people don’t take long on the homepage and therefore having lots of information on the slide show homepage can only act to your disadvantage. So many people will miss crucial information that you wanted to relay across.
  • Simplify the navigation options of your website to direct your website’s visitors to the most crucial information containing page. 
  • Get rid of sidebars in as much as they have proven popular in the last decade on websites and blogs. The absence of a sidebar encourages the reader to focus on the content and action call before exiting the site.
  • Get inspired by nature when it comes to color choices and using your nature photos can prove a wise decision.
  • Take a step back from your computer and plan effectively before embarking on the actual design process. You can write ideas on a board or piece of paper and continually refine them as time goes by.
  • Make good use of Pinterest in creating mood boards when assembling all the ideas and inspiration for a website. You can find it useful as a reference point in the future. 
  • Increase the website’s font size that you decide to use as typography plays a key role when web design. Small fonts can prove difficult to read and therefore larger fonts can go a long way in communicating your message.
  • Use the white space effectively to add to the attractiveness of your website. Cramming too much information on the website page can prove repellant. Giving your web design some breathing space will attract more visitors that with time you can turn into loyal customers.
  • Make good use of the squint check. Everyone would love to know what stands out on your company website. Stepping back from the computer screen and squinting will show you what stands out on your website. It primarily comes about because every feature you see must be large and colorful. The technique also allows a designer to get a feel of what a first-time website visitor can experience upon browsing your page.


The above-discussed hacks can help you to transform your website or build it into something beautiful and effective. However, don’t hesitate to pull more tricks out of your bag in making your website a standout. You can only increase your share of business through it all.

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