Finally, That Perfect Goggle Fit

For years the designers of goggles have focused on increasing the field of vision and less fogging. With that now dialled, the technologists at Salomon have turned their attention to the fit.

Dubbed the Custom-ID Fit technology, the Salomon XT ONE uses a 3-piece frame that automatically adjusts and conforms to different face shapes, so every skier gets a completely unique fit, matched precisely to their face.

As Anne Dupre, Salomon’s Goggle Manager explains, “Custom ID FIT means the goggle conforms to the exact shape of your face, and then the different foam densities make it even more comfortable. Our goal was to make goggles so comfortable, you wouldn’t feel them when you ski or ride. And Custom ID FIT achieves that.”

The XT ONE still boasts Salomon’s thin frame design for maximum field of vision, a Salomon original design now used by virtually every goggle maker. This frame design is complimented by the addition of Advanced Skin ActiveDry material against the skin for added comfort. And the XT ONE uses SILS, Salomon’s innovative Lens Solution for the exact tint and anti-fog solution for every condition.

From a greater field of vision to less fog and now unprecedented comfort, XT ONE is Salomon’s ultimate goggle.

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Being cold and wet on the slopes is miserable, and a waste of your hard earned holiday!



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