6 Tips For Deciding on Your Next Swimsuit

If thinking about swimsuit season is followed by a long drawn out sigh, it’s possible you haven’t found the right style for you. Swimsuits are for swimming, not inducing a panic attack and thankfully there is a style, colour and fabric to suit all ladies of all size. Gone are the days of the cookie cutter cosi, so consider these 6 tips before taking the dive and deciding on a new swimsuit.


1. Find a label that works for you

Easier said than done!

Because we don’t buy a swimsuit as much as we buy makeup, clothes and shoes, you probably don’t have a very strong loyalty to any one retailer. I always jump on the Instagram of labels I like, searching for those who have tagged them to see how the pieces look on real people.

If you can see someone with a similar style, colouring and shape as you looking fabulous – you might be on the right track. I stumbled upon Fella Swim swimsuits online after seeing some of my favourite style icons and strutting around in these versatile numbers. I always struggle to find high waist bottoms that stay up and work on my body, so seeing them in action online on women with bodies like mine is the testimony enough for me.

2. Bikini or one piece?

… that is the question.

There is clearly no wrong answer to this, and each woman is guided by how she feels in a swimsuit and what it is being used for. If fitness is driving you to find your next swimsuit, one pieces are going to give you more freedom in the water. Whether it’s diving, swimming or surfing; a one piece swimsuit for girls will eliminate constant rearranging, tying and twisting.

This doesn’t mean you sacrifice on style, the humble one piece has come along way and you can find stunning design features that won’t impede on the practical style. Now bikini’s deserve a little more fun. Perfect for holidays, sunbaking and everything in between, the bikini is not advised for a triathlon, or anything too strenuous in the water. They are the embodiments of summer and are best for recreational!

3. Choosing a colour and print

The fun part!

Your opinion is all that matters here, but different colours and prints can actually work better for your skin colouring and hair. The models you see on the sides of the bus are not wearing that bikini or one piece by accident.

They have been selected for their skin tone and hair colour to wear swimsuits that highlight their best features and downplay their not so great ones. Finding out what colours work best for you can save a lot of time, and can even make the impossible decision of pink or blue for you!

4. Play around with detail features

There are so many bits, bobs, bells and whistles in fashion, and we are even seeing it in swimsuits. Leather, sequins and denim are even on the scene with no signs of slowing down. Like all things, less is more. A zip on a bikini top is quite a sexy design feature and lots of mainstream swimsuit retailers are introducing them into their lines.

It’s a practical feature and integrates fashion with swimwear and there is definitely a demand. Mixed fabrics is another detail to keep an eye out for. Using a sheer fine fabric with a sturdier scuba material brings a feminine touch to a pretty straightforward style.

5. Know your shape

It’s so easy to fall for a swimsuit that you see on a friend, a celebrity or even a mannequin. We are all guilty of mentally photoshopping our head on theirs and the rest is history! But a swimsuit that accentuates your unique shape and highlights your best features is a far better choice than one you have admired on another.

If you are broad, maybe try and avoid a halter top.

For those looking to draw away from the tummy, try a classic stripe one piece with detail at the bust to draw focus up. Once you find the style for your body shape, you can head online and shop confidently. However, it might take most of the day at the shops beforehand trialing styles and prints that work best for you.

6. Support is key

Support is hugely important and is not nearly spoken about as much as it should be.

We are talking about the bust, ladies. We dedicate so much time in carefully selecting a bra, when a swimsuit is effectively the same piece. Infact, froclickng in the ocean and running around the pool may be more physical activity than your 9-5 bra would see.

Underwire is well and good, but if there isn’t a thick strap or a tight tie to keep you supported then swim time might cause some damage. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and offer your bust size so you know you are getting the right piece.

Finding a swimsuit that makes you want to lie around in the sun enjoying longer days and cold drinks is what we are aiming for! This is not a time to play it safe so try and have fun with style, colour and shape while still being confident enough to wear it for half the year.

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