What You Need to Know About University of Texas Campus Tour

The Austin campus of UT is also known as Forty Acres because of the size of the original state-set tract of land set aside for the university.

Incoming freshmen students, transfer applicants, and incoming graduate students, and their families are encouraged to join the University of Texas campus tour so that they can have a better perspective of the campus life.

Who should you contact if you want to attend a University of Texas campus tour?

Since the UT Admissions Office takes care of the campus tour, they are the right office to contact if you wish to schedule the visit.

On the university website, you can book your preferred tour date by opening the Office of Admissions page, and selecting the kind of tour you want to take.

After clicking on the trip, on the right part of the page, it will bring you to the calendar where you can pick your desired University of Texas campus tour date. The date in green means that the tour is still available, while dates in light gray mean that it’s already full. Dates in dark gray, on the other hand, mean there’s no scheduled tour on that day.

What are the types of campus tours offered by UT-Austin?

There are five kinds of campus tours supported by the Admissions Office of the University of Texas, and they are the following:

● Prospective Freshmen Tour: As the name suggests, this tour is ideal for prospective incoming first-year students who would like to visit the campus. Currently, they only hold weekday tours for this.

● Transfer Student Tour: Currently, the earliest schedule you can book for this tour is in the first week of October.

● Prospective Graduate Student Tour: This is a student-initiated and led tour that aims to share in-campus experiences with incoming graduate students. As of now, there is still no available schedule for this tour.

● Special Interests Learning Sessions: This is for students and visitors who want to know more about a specific academic program, school or college. These sessions support 14 different educational programs, schools, and colleges. This is conducted every day, except for weekends.

● Group Visits: For this visit, the host can accommodate a group composed of ten (10) to one hundred (100) people, provided that each group of ten (10) people should have at least one (1) chaperone. The earliest available date for a group visit is by the first week of December this year.

For group visits, take note that the tour is not final until confirmed by the Tour Coordinators of the University Admissions Office. Once you choose a date, the tour coordinators will get in touch with you within five working days to confirm the visit.

If you wish to coordinate with the Admissions Office or the tour group, you can email them at groupvisitrequest@austin.utexas.edu, or you can call them at 512-475-7399.

To get a better insight as to what you should expect in a campus tour at UT, check out Christian Coffey’s tour videos on Campus Reel.

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