Top 5 Tips to Promote Your Fashion Business on Instagram

If you’re the owner of a fashion brand, using Instagram to promote your business is a common thing. You can showcase all of your different styles and products on the social media platform. Over the years, the interface of Instagram has gone through many changes such as the introduction of new Instagram Live and IGTV. In other words, Instagram is one of the best platforms in the world to market your fashion business. However, your fashion business isn’t the only one active on Instagram. More than 80% of fashion businesses in the United States use Instagram to promote their products. 

As the platform is massive, you can do anything to market your business. From generating sales to raising brand awareness, Instagram will help you to achieve your business goal. With the help of appropriate features and tools, Instagram can be beneficial for your business. 

In this article, we will discuss the top 5 tips to promote and increase the visibility of your fashion brand on Instagram. 

Optimize Your Photos

You must upload marvelous content on Instagram. Remember that your photos are the only thing that will represent the personality of your brand. First of all, make sure the photos you’re uploading are of supreme quality. As a fashion brand, you need to make your content visually appealing to the customers, especially if you’re focusing on showcasing your products and outfits in photos. 

Additionally, your photos should also be capable of reflecting the voice of your brand. The image and reputation of your brand are highly dependent on the way you showcase your products. Always stick with a particular theme to make your content attractive. 

Apart from that, you can also write some specific details about your products. This will not only make the content engaging but also help the customers to connect with your business. 

User-Generated Content

The UGC or user-generated content is extremely effective. When you use user-generated content on your Instagram profile, it will allow you to enhance the credibility of your products as well as the brand. 

Apart from that, you can also upload user-generated content on your Instagram profile so that your audience can know how to fashion a specific outfit or shoes or watch. This will increase the richness and effectiveness of your content on Instagram. 

Additionally, if you upload content where users are wearing products from your brand, it will immediately draw the attention of the friends, families, and relatives of the user. This will help you to amplify your customer base. 

Develop a Hashtag Campaign

When you develop a smart hashtag campaign, it will help you to increase the awareness of your brand. Hashtags are known as the most important discovery tools on Instagram. However, you need to implement them wisely and smartly. Don’t use hashtags in your content that are made from general words. If you use general hashtags, your content will be lost among the other contents with the same hashtags. The best way to stay apart from the crowd is by creating branded hashtags. 

You can develop the branded hashtag for your business based on your tagline or new collection. If branded hashtags aren’t increasing your followers, then just simply buy followers on InstagramYou can also conduct keyword research that will help you to SEO-optimized terms. Then, you can implement these SEO-optimized terms to develop hashtags for your business campaign. 

Use Instagram Stories

One of the most attractive features of Instagram is the stories. There are a variety of modes and features available on Instagram stories. You can upload either video or image as an Instagram story. You can also include shopping stickers in the Instagram stories to enhance their effectiveness. 

One of the best ways to leverage the benefits of Instagram stories is by showing behind the scenes. It could be anything from the printing process of a jumpsuit to the BTS of a photo shoot session. You can also start live streaming of services or newly launched products. Instagram stories will become very beneficial as there are lots of things you can do with them. 

Use Instagram Shopping

This is one of the most important features on Instagram that will allow you to market your fashion business on the platform. Upon its introduction in March 2018, the popularity of Instagram shopping escalated quickly. With these features, users on Instagram can purchase their favorite products within the application. 

If you want to sell your products within the application, you can use the Instagram shopping feature. Additionally, this feature is easy and it will decrease the purchasing efforts of the customers. You can also use the Instagram shopping feature in the Instagram stories.

When people want to purchase something, they just simply need to tap on the product’s image. Upon clicking, they can see the relevant details. After that, they will be redirected to the transaction page of the website through where they can purchase the product. 


These are the 5 tips you need to remember to market your fashion business on Instagram. Remember that Instagram is visualized platform. So, make sure you upload relevant and high-quality content all the time. As the platform is based on photo sharing, if you use these tips you’ll be able to successfully promote your business on Instagram. 

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