The ultimate guide for buying the best wiper blades

Wiper blades are an essential safety feature of our automobile as driving with a poor degree of visibility is as bad and risky as walking on a rope over a ditch. In fact, wiper blades are one of those car accessories for exterior that require the most amount of attention when you are purchasing a new pair to replace the older one on your car. Here is a crisp and comprehensive buying guide for wiper blades:

How to choose the most suitable wiper blades for your vehicle?

Finding the right wiper blades can be a tad tricky given the overwhelming variety available online. Thank god, there are still a few parameters you can have in your mind while shopping for car accessories like wiper blades:

Finding the right size of wiper blades

For effective cleaning, the wiper blades need to be of the perfect size to fit the curvature of the windshield. There are four ways to know the right size of windshield wiper for your vehicle. You can choose the method most suitable and convenient for you.

Manufacturer’s manual

The best way to know the right size is to check your car’s manufacturer manual. It will give you just the exact details for the wiper blades you need.

Manual measurement

Next, you can take an inch tape to measure the size of your older wiper blades and look for wiper blades of the exact same size.

Help from a local auto store person

The person from a local auto store can also recommend you for finding the right size of wiper blades.

Online car blade size finder

You can also look for a car blade size finder as most of them are accurate up to a large extent.

The different types of wiper blades available

There are majorly three types of wiper blades available for purchase in India:

Standard wiper blades

Standard or conventional wiper blades were the most common wiper blades until a few years ago. They are made of a metal-plastic composite or just metal structure. comprising of a central bridge and articulated link, it provides 4-8 pressure points.

Flat wiper blades

Most modern cars come with flat wiper blades. They come with tensioned metal flexors that support the rubber element, allowing the wiper blades to use the force generated by airflow. With a flatter aerodynamic shape, flat wiper blades reduce the wind noise.

Hybrid wiper blades

Hybrid windshield wiper blades are a combination of both flat and conventional wiper blades. They come with the noise-free and aerodynamic properties of flat blades with the performance of standard blades.

Looking for a more durable option

Weather can accelerate wear and tear on your windshield wiper blades. Hence, look for blades that are resistant to heat and UV rays. Also, having some basic knowledge of wiper blade parts is a plus-plus when you are looking for durable wiper blades.

Wiper arm

The arm functions to transfer the movement from the motor of the wiper blade to the wiper itself.

Rubber edge

The rubber element not only makes for increased flexibility when the blade changes directions, the special coating on the rubber surface also reduces friction on the glass surface, thus making wiping easier.


Connectors are the joint between the wiper blade and the wiper arm. They ensure that the wipers work silently.


This is fitted on the wiper blade on the driver’s side. It’s basic function is to increase aerodynamic efficiency and decrease wind-lift under windy conditions.

Spring flexors

The curvature of the spring flexors should exactly match that of your windshield. Spring flexors ensure that the wiper’s rubber edges maintain even pressure on the glass.


So, now, shopping for the best wiper blades is no longer a daunting task. Just some deep digging into the manufacturer-provided details and you’ll find just the perfect match for your windshield. Also, if you are looking for car accessories online, happens to host a super impressive range of car accessories for exterior from the most popular brands, at the lowest prices. So, don’t miss to check their website and put your hands on some of the most durable wiper blades online.

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