Take an East Coast Adventure Starting From Gold Coast

Undoubtedly, one of the most interesting and famous backpackers’ routes lie along the east coast of Australia with a good reason. The trip begins with adventure and allows you to visit pristine beaches, superior wildlife parks, and exciting and stunning sunsets while offering something for everyone.

People coming to entertain themselves from far off the places to Australia come to the gold coast to experience some of the exciting places in the world. From there, they take Gold Coast Cars for rent and travel to the east coast for an adventurous tour.

Some popular tourist attractions along the east coast include The Whitsundays, Fraser Island, and the Cape Tribulation. Some of the places to stop along the east coast are Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, and Byron Bay.

Take an east coast adventure starting from Gold Coast

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The East Coast offers a number of exciting activities in the area. Let us take a short tour of these adventure activities that one can enjoy when planning a fun tour to the East Coast of Australia.

Surf Lessons:

Australian beaches along this stretch around the coastline are famous for surfing. Many surfers can be seen enjoying sports on the beaches. Visitors are well are aware of the sports craziness of Aussies. So, many tourist beaches on the East coast will have outfitters giving surfing lessons. Spot X close to the Coffs Harbor is a place to provide a surf camp stay. You get an option to stay for as long as you want at the surf camps and enjoy the surf lessons under the supervision of an instructor.

east coast adventure starting from Gold Coast

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Sea Kayaking:

Dolphin spotting in Kayak is another adventurous activity at the Byron Bay. The scene sounds relaxing and amazing as waves at the bay can sometimes be very big. Learn about the whales, dolphins, lighthouse, local and aboriginal history all while you paddle around the bay in a kayak. You can spot some sea turtles and Bottlenose Dolphins. Gaze at some magnificent Humpback Whales while they are migrating through the Byron Bay.

east coast adventure starting from Gold Coast

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Going to an adventurous sport is always fun and exciting activities. Jet Packing, the new sport, will allow you to fly over the water and in the air for a few meters. Try the amazing Flyboarding along with Jet Pack at the beach.

Scuba Diving:

East coast’s fantastic dive areas are outstanding and very adventurous. Get the Gold Coast Cars for rent and go straight to some of the exciting scuba diving spots. Drifting alongside manta rays gives the mesmerizing experience and you can also swim across the nurse sharks cave at the South West Rocks. You get a chance to visit the famous Yongala shipwreck near Townsville. You can board a special boat if you want to stay away from the crowds while you can find leopard sharks, turtles, and wobbegongs.

East Coast Adventure

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The Great Barrier Reef has wonderful Whitsunday Islands at the southern end. Sailing and snorkeling tours make them a perfect spot to have fun. You can also leave the daily life aside and go on board to visit the white sands of Whitehaven beach.

Take an East Coast Adventure Starting From Gold Coast

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Fraser Island:

At the Fraser Island, enjoy watching the whale breaching the horizon and take a dip in spa-like and all clear water of the Mckenzie Lake. Watching the dolphins during the sunset at Fraser Island is one of the best things you can experience during your whole tour.

Bungee Jumping:

At Cairns, experience the wonderful bungee jumping at the best-known location in Australia and the location makes sure that even the craziest jumpers have something to cherish here. With various jump styles and menu for the people with different levels of bravery and skills. With an option to cycle off the bungee tower’s roof, you can enjoy the bungee with a new experience. You can also just sit on the platform while watching other adventurers jump off the platform.

Take an East Coast Adventure Starting From Gold Coast

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Sky Dive:

South of the Cairns, at Mission Beach, try skydiving and land on the beach to have an amazing experience. With a view of Great Barrier Reef, skydiving into the Mission Beach.

Take an East Coast Adventure Starting From Gold Coast

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Road Trip to Cape Tribulation:

With the Cars for rent, enjoy the two hours amazing road trip north of the Cairns to watch the Rainforest meets the Reef.

Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary:

Get familiar with the furry animals of Australia at Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary. Just a small road trip away from Brisbane, you can get a shuttle to and from the Sanctuary. Double up your adventure by hiking on the Mt Cootha, after you visit the Sanctuary.

There is a lot to experience on the East coast. You can even enjoy the heights at the SkyPoint climb and Sydney Harbor Bridge Climb if you are a fan of heights. With friendly and sociable people, wonderful climate, pristine beaches, and stunning scenery, the journey to the East coast can be a moment to cherish for life.

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