Sneakers on the Street: 10 Street Style Looks We’re Loving Right Now

Nothing beats a great pair of sneakers when it comes to good looks and outstanding comfort. You can wear them with just about any casual or semi-casual outfit, and even with some sneaker tees. Sneakers that enhance your image while cradling your feet in comfort are the best. Here are 10 street looks that we love right now.


For the ultimate cool street shoes, it is hard to do better than puma classic sneakers.

● The Basket—These low-riding shoes have a silhouette that looks like they came straight from 1971, but does not let their vintage looks deceive you. Their performance and support are of the moment.
● The Basket Patent—These shoes have the same silhouette as the ever-popular Basket, but this model has patent toe boxes for hot looks.
● The Basket Canvas—These shoes have the classic Puma Basket styling in easy-wearing canvas. Perfect for every day, these sneaks deliver effortless vintage style and modern comfort.

Sneakers on the Street


This brand always seeks to improve and grow, while maintaining the tried-and-true, such as timeless Adidas Originals.

● A classic model, the Superstar, introduced in 1969, offers exceptional, traditional comfort enhanced by today’s technology.
● The Gazelle began as a tennis shoe, but this style soon found its way to the street due to its comfort and performance.
● The Campus, a favorite design in the 1980s, delivers a laid-back but chic look that enhances any outfit. Of course, it also offers long-lasting comfort.

Sneakers on the Street


Today, Diadora shoes are recognized for quality performance and great comfort wrapped up in a stylish vintage package. Diadora offers many street-savvy shoes that are sure to enhance your outfit and appearance wherever the road takes you.

● Game P—This classic, clean model is cut low but delivers plenty of high styles. With this design, enjoy retro looks combined with modern comfort and performance.
● Kuruka 2—These shoes give you a classic running style that delivers exceptional comfort while adding a timeless sporty look to all of your casual outfits.
● Kick—Definitively retro, this model looks like yesteryear but cradles your feet in all the comfort modern technology has developed.

Sneakers on the Street

Choosing the Right Sneakers:

In order to find the best pair of sneaks for you and your lifestyle, first, ask yourself a couple of questions. Will the shoes be just for comfortable good looks or do you also plan to use them for athletic activities? What is the look you want to achieve? What features are you looking for?

If you want comfort plus newer stylish features, Puma, Adidas, and Diadora all feature models for men, women, and children that deliver. However, these same brands offer true-to-the-original classic styles that add a great vintage look to all your casual outfits. Either way, you cannot go wrong. You can even choose a pair of sneaks for all of your fashion moods.

The best street sneakers combine lasting comfort with a cool, effortless style. Ultimately, choosing the right sneaks is a matter of personal preference. The right shoes for you let you glide through the days and nights in an easy style and high comfort.

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