Lift Up Your Spirit With a Summery Sleeper Atlanta Linen Dress

Since autumn is in its “full bloom”, many people start to miss the warmer, sunnier days, when you could wear your Sleeper Atlanta dress for a picnic in the park or at the beach. The overall gloomy weather can lead to tiredness and a lack of motivation to finish your tasks. Moreover, the chilly weather outside also makes us want to stay indoors all the time, which can further reduce our energy. So no wonder some of us start caring less and less about what we wear, especially if you put a coat over it anyway.

But there are some things we can do to fight back against the autumn blues. One of the crucial things when it comes to lifting up your mood is about valuing self-care and spending time on your appearance. It doesn’t hurt to put on your favorite linen loungewear and dress cute for yourself when you feel a bit under the weather (no pun intended). It might not be easy to get yourself moving when all you want to do is lay in bed and watch Netflix all day, but making an effort for yourself can really pay off.

Luckily, there is an easy solution for all of the gals out there. One of the many easy-to-wear garments from an awesome Ukrainian-owned brand is their Sleeper Atlanta linen dress in pansies, which is not only absolutely stunning but also extremely comfortable. By styling it the right way, you don’t have to skip on looking beautiful, even if the festive period seems to be over.

Sophisticated White Dress with Flowers Perfect for Many Occasions

By now you have probably already heard about or seen the dress somewhere on the Internet, as the Sleeper Atlanta linen dress truly keeps its “cult classic” status. However, one of the less popular but equally charming designs is not talked about enough!

The Atlanta silhouette is well-known for its pretty puffy sleeves that can be worn both on your shoulders or off them, making an accent on your exposed collarbones or an accessory of choice. However, with the pink flowers evenly distributed throughout the fabric, the piece gives off a strong “cottagecore” vibe which is an aesthetic popular amongst fans all over the world. The bodice of the dress is tightly-fitted however stretchy so that you can feel comfy and look amazing at the same time.

This white dress with flowers just radiates comfort and warmth, so why not give it a shot for your next dinner date or a family get-together? If you feel hesitant about wearing this dress for a colder temperature, we have a few styling hacks that will help you stay warm:

  • Try wearing a turtleneck underneath. The world of turtlenecks is endless, so you can pair a monochrome one with your Atlanta dress while wearing the sleeves on your shoulders.
  • Don’t forget the cardigan. Wearing something over your dress might also help if it’s a little chilly outside, so you can take out your trusty cardigan or even a blazer to pair up with your dress.
  • Colorful tights. As the fashion scene keeps changing, many people are opting for colorful tights instead of plain blacks or whites. Just imagine wearing pastel pink tights underneath that dress, how cute would it look?

So, as you can see, there are quite a few ways to change up your outfits to better fit the weather and enjoy your flower dress despite all circumstances.

Sleeper’s Navy Dress – For Those Who Want It a Little Darker

If you weren’t really fond of the white dress with flowers we previously mentioned, then fear not, because Sleeper has other options for you. Their Atlanta dress in the color navy better fits the autumn vibes, although it’s just as pretty as the white one.

This Sleeper Atlanta dress is made from the same high-quality linen which is amazing to the touch and quite easy to look after despite what people tend to think. Effortlessly capturing Sleeper’s aesthetic which is centered around style and comfort, this particular dress is a modern work of art. The deep navy color not only reflects the range of the offered palette but also gives the wearer a heavenly vibe in its own way.

Paired with some gold accessories, it can even be a part of a Halloween costume, as long as you want to play a femme fatale. All in all, this Sleeper Atlanta linen dress is a great outfit choice if you are attending a party, lounging with your friends, or just running errands in the city.

Source: Sleeper’s Official Instagram.

Linen Loungewear by Sleeper – an Ode to Versatility

Despite being truly signature pieces, dresses are not the only types of garments the brand has to offer. Their linen loungewear is made by gorgeous women, for gorgeous women and the Daily Sleeper stands by the fact that everyone should be able to feel both comfortable and captivating, which is why they strive to expand their clothing lines constantly.

Linen loungewear is a great opportunity for women, and men to express themselves both in the comfort of their own home and outside of it. Because of that, the Sleeper’s team is trying out new stylistic combinations, colors, and silhouettes every day so that everybody will have something that matches their taste. No matter if it is a dress or a party pajama, every piece is designed in such a way that no customer will have a problem styling it and only will get joy from the process itself. So don’t set aside your opportunity to be a part of the Daily Sleeper’s family and look elegant in a blink of an eye!

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