How to Choose the Perfect Women’s Climbing Shoes

Whether you are planning a hiking adventure or being prepared for the great outdoors, selecting the perfect womens climbing shoes requires some consideration. When you’re buying climbing shoes, it’s not just the look that matters; other factors come into play as well.

Three main factors may influence your final decision. Here, they are:

  • Width of Your Foot: The width or morphology of your foot is the main thing to consider when selecting climbing shoes. If you have wider feet, keep it in mind when looking for a comfortable fit.
  • Climbing Experience: Your level of experience is crucial when deciding which climbing shoe to buy. For beginners, it is best to get rigid shoes that help you climb easily while aiding the gradual development of muscles.
  • Frequency of Use: Are you going to go for climbing expeditions every once in a while, or more frequently? What will the terrain be like? Depending on these factors, you will need to consider the thickness and the flexibility of the shoe sole. Different climbing shoes will specify which type of climbing they are fit for, be sure to check the purpose of the shoe before you buy it.

Once you settle these considerations, you need to factor in the shoe size and your climbing preferences. Here are a few more aspects to check.

How to Select the Perfect Climbing Shoe Based on the Activity?

Depending on the climbing activity and region, the perfect shoes may be different. Here’s what to keep in mind:

  • For overhanging walls or surfaces that have a good grip, opt for shoes with a softer sole. Such shoes are characterized by greater flexibility and sensitivity. They are ideal for precise grips but are especially suitable for experienced climbers whose feet are already used to support the body’s weight on a small part of the foot.
  • For long, vertical routes characterized by small, angular holds, opt for shoes with a more rigid sole suitable for prolonged use. It can support the climber’s weight on very small holds and offer comfort.

How to Select the Perfect Size for Climbing Shoes?

You may want to buy women’s climbing shoes that are two sizes smaller than your other shoes. It usually depends on the rigidity and thickness of the sole and the terrain you will be climbing. Buying a smaller-sized shoe can help you optimize your performance and get a better grip, even on the toughest terrains.

In general, when considering the size of your climbing shoes, here is what you should keep in mind:

  • If you want to buy climbing shoes in the same size as your normal shoes, ensure that the sole is rigid and fits you snugly.
  • If you want to buy a smaller shoe size to optimize your performance, choose a soft and flexible sole. It is more comfortable to wear.

When considering the right fit for your shoe, remember that the perfect shoe size will not leave your toes feeling completely extended. Comfortable women’s climbing shoes should completely wrap around your foot without restricting your movement too much.

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