Hublot’s Men’s Classic Fusion Collection – Worth Feasting Your Eyes On

How’s your style quotient–traditional, modern, vintage, glamorous,or perhaps, a mix of them all?Some of us may have very clear-cut conceptions about who we are and how we choose to carry ourselves. And to them, I must bow down in praise, because here I am, on the other hand, with a wardrobe so diverse that I must ask myself whether I’m in the middle of a serious identity crisis. And I’m sure I’m not alone. But, folks, let’s be optimistic here, there’s nothing wrong with being an experimental soul. In fact, more power to you!

An eclectic sense of style is a statement in itself. So if you’ve got a strong game when it comes to flirting with fashion and form, then allow me to introduce you to your luxury watch soul mate–Hublot, the brand’s that perfected the art of fusion.

Hublot watchesredefinestyleby merging a diverse spectrum of aesthetics and technologies –the ultimate fusion of function and form. But of course, that was inevitable when you’ve got the fusion of two amazing men, founder of Hublot, Carlo Crocco and the man who took Hublot to greater heights, Jean-Claude Biver. With their expertise and pedigree, a fusion of magic was but expected.

Boldly innovative in design and fusion of material, Hublot watcheshave coolly established their domain in the luxury watch segment,despite alate entry. The brand’sinnovativeofferings are now available in India with certified Hublot Watches retailers like Ethos Watch Boutiques.Right from its inception, the brand set out on a mission to redefineluxury timekeeping, as we knew it –and boy, did they succeed!Here’s a look at the best of Hublot’s Classic Fusion collection:

Hublot Classic Fusion 511.OX.1181.LRethos2Spaceman chic meets vintage vogue. A fusion of the past and the future is the thing to sport right now!

Stellar? Nay, interstellar! Polished to perfection, the Hublot trademark satin-finish King Gold bezel and casing just boost youup to a whole new level of cosmic glam. 6 titanium screws hold yourultra modern looking place.But before you get toocarried away in a luxurious space odyssey, the black alligator leather strap brings you right back down to earth’s finesttraditions with its classical touch.

Thedial with a smouldering mat black finish is a clean, clutter-free reminder of the simplicity of sophistication. So if smart and suave swagger is right up your alley, then this stylish yet vintage fusion timepiece is just what you need to crank up your swag.

Hublot Classic Fusion 511.OX.7180.LR

ethos3When the uptown overtone of rose gold falls on the rich deep hues of royal blue, you’ve got yourself a watch that inspires modish modern majesty.

The blue alligator leather strap comes as a perfect accent to the timepiece. Hublot watchespush the limits of opulencewith this winner. If you need any more convincing of its sheer perfection, here goes: it’s assembled by hand. Enough said, am I said? The unmistakable impact of the human touch!

Built as though it was destined to grace the wrists of modern royalties, this timepiece makes an easy entry into any sensible man’s ‘watch’ list. You may not have been born blue-blooded, but if youclean up well and carry yourself like the Prince Harrys of the world, then there’s nothing stopping you from taking the plunge with this majestic beauty.

Hublot Classic Fusion 525.OX.0180.LR

ethos4When you get a peek into the exquisite inner workings of a Hublot, you can never go back. The timeless pairing of black and gold with a luxe modern finish is the reason Hublot haseasily become a player to watch in the high-end luxury watch market.

The skeleton dial putsits stunning mechanism on display for you to admire day and night as it ticks by with its proprietary split-second chronograph. The raw beauty of the dial meets the refined textures of the exotic alligator leather strap to create the perfect harmony of form and function –and I’m definitely sold on the gorgeous dichotomy! Aren’t you?

Hublot Classic Fusion 521.NX.2611.LR

ethos5An overdose of titanium makes this timepiece arock-solid choice, literally. The glossy finish on the strap adds a punch of glamour to the otherwise hardy timepiece. Fashion and functionality comes alive through yet another exquisite display of Hublot watches’ unmatched craftsmanship. The two-toned timepiece is a smart choice for an impactful yet subdued elegance.

Hublot Classic Fusion 541.NE.2010.LR.1104

ethos6Packaged as a men’s watch, this white wonder is the culmination of every woman’s style goals. But who says all things white and bedazzling bare the female stamp? Hublot watches level out the fashion field to blur the lines between what’s traditionally masculine and feminine, and we just can’t stop dolling out the love! The world sure needs more of Hublot’s inspiring and progressive mantra. Don’t you agree? And oh, not to forget, the 138 diamonds embedded on the bezel!

With Hublot watches, the boundaries of fashion melt away to produce the most fascinating time-pieces, the stuff of dreams. Who could resist the masterful fusion of art and technology, tradition and innovation, from the house of Hublot?

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