How to choose the perfect pear-shaped diamond ring

Congratulations on finding true love! Now, all that is left is to find the perfect engagement ring to crown this special milestone. Even so, finding the perfect ring is not as effortless as most people think! If you want to make a lasting impression, you need to take your time before making a final decision. That is because this is something your fiancée will treasure. And one that they might choose to keep for the rest of their lives.

Nevertheless, finding the perfect pear-shaped diamond ring can make all the difference! Also commonly referred to as the teardrop shape rings, these precious jewels have so much going for them. Their artistry makes them the ideal choice for most lady’s. Especially those who are keen on their image and class!

Pear-shaped diamond rings are not only brilliantly cut but appear sizeable than their actual carat size. They are also elegant, stunning, eye-catching, and versatile. Who does not want that?

That said, some of the things to consider when choosing the perfect ring include:


Symmetry is a crucial aspect to look out for when choosing the ideal pear-shaped diamond engagement ring. To ascertain its symmetry, you need to picture its top. And an imaginary vertical line running down to the middle. If symmetrical, each side of the line mirrors each other without fault.

If your pear-shaped diamond engagement ring is unsymmetrical, it appears fake, off, and wonky. And this is something you want to avoid at all costs. You want your piece to be perfect, excellent, and have brilliant symmetry.

For the perfect ring, you need to place your order from a reputable online shop that understands how crucial your decision to purchase a diamond is and gives you value for your purchase.

Consider a setting that protects your pear shape.

To keep the ring’s pointed end from getting caught on fabric or chipping, you must ensure it gets placed in a protective setting. That ensures that your diamond is held securely in place and that the ends are protected.

Depending on your preferred style, you need to be sure that your pear-shaped diamond engagement ring has ample protection.

Consider the style

When choosing your perfect ring, you need to pick a style that suits your needs. And one that is quite versatile. If you want an elegant and classical choice, you can consider the carat and overall design of the ring.

The “bow-tie” effect

Pear-shaped diamond rings come with a “bow-tie” shape, which appears darned right in the middle. Yet, its visibility is highly variable. Other times it is conspicuous, while sometimes almost invisible. 

The best part is, they are effortless to spot. If you like a ring with minimal effect, you can avoid one with a bow tie that can get easily seen by just looking at the diamond. And vice versa.

Final thoughts

To ensure that you make the right decision with your pear-shaped diamond engagement ring, choosing the right online store is crucial. You want to settle for sellers committed to offering you the highest quality and ethically sourced diamonds for your needs.

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