The First Impression Lasts: The Best Outfit Ideas For Guys On A First Date

For some, getting dressed on a first date is a dilemma and is almost as jittery as the date itself. Of course, all of us encounters a mode of wardrobe hysteria, right? The pressure is always present for we all want to look impressive on what we wear, especially on dates.

There are plenty of rules floating around on what to wear on a first date which makes it easy for us to get lost. But eventually, it’s all about making the best version of yourself. First dates can be intimidating, and it can be hard for someone to determine on what to wear.

If you plan and take a bit of extra time to prepare and doll up, be sure to select the right attire. Remember first impressions are crucial, but you will hit it right with little preparation and a worry-free attitude. To stay away from all of these first date craziness, we list down the best fashion ideas that are perfect for first dates.

Button Down Shirt

A man who wears a button-down shirt in an elegant and which is one of the straightforward and eye-catching fashion items deserves a second date. It has a wide array of colors such as plain white, chambray, paisley, etc. But, two things are essential: fabrication and fit.

Make sure that it’s a slim (but not too skinny) shirt to emphasize your built. It should sit square on the shoulders and hang naturally against the hips. Also, it must be made out of cotton to make it breathable and prevent agitated sweats.

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A button-down shirt also settles the problem of not dressing up adequately, just tuck it in, no need for a belt. And voila! You’re good to go.

Jeans Is The New Sexy

This type of denim is adjustable to different situation or condition, as well as first dates. Go for a pair of denim pants. Look for a straight cut with ample space on the thigh like pants, but becomes skinnier as they reach the ankle. A trimmed ankled is a modernized look which offers a refined color contrast.

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Jeans are flexible, convenient, and even convey a bit of sexiness. Make sure to invest in a dark, solid denim pair with a slim fit. Its malleable material will guarantee comfort, plus the minimum design is not showy, and the hem trim is an immediate boost from your typical pair.

Choosing The Right Shoes

What type of shoes you put on your feet has never been so essential. Of course, this depends on the venue of the date. In most cases, your shoes are one of the essential items to complete your look.

Sneakers will brawl out the etiquettes of a trouser and shirt combination, on the other hand, leather boots will raise the laid back disposition of a jean, sweater and shirt outfit. When choosing shoes, comply to dress codes first. Think about the location of the date. The last thing you would want to happen is to wear too-formal shoes, only to end up having a dinner at a seaside restaurant.

Grooming Tips

Don’t try to do something drastic with your hair or grooming regimens if you don’t want to regret in the end. Alternatively, go with the grooming habit that works for you, because after all, your date said yes to you already.

Furthermore, there is no cologne out there that would let the angels fall from the sky. Opt for those scents that make a woman receptive and boosts her attraction to you. Focus on being neat and if you happen to have a cologne or rum aftershave wear it unobtrusively.

Additionally, make sure your fingernails are clean, trim your nose hair and that hair on the back of your neck. Keep this in mind because these little things do matter, particularly if you anticipate your date to be close to you.


Aside from diamonds, women’s clothing are girl’s best friend. Appearing on your date with a hoodie and worn out favorite sneakers could mark your last date. Passing their high-end standards is not as difficult as you think. Just keep in mind these simple fashion tips to show women that you have an idea when it comes to style.

Make sure that when you are going on your first date, you’re well-dressed, well groomed, and just enjoy the time. The purpose of this article is to give you confidence when it comes to dressing up. It also helps you pay attention to your date.

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