Experience a Wonderful Jungle Safari by Packing the Right Stuff before Booking a Tadoba Accommodation

While packing for the Tadoba jungle safari, you must never forget the golden rule of packing as light as you can. There is no point in carrying things you would not be using at all. Remember space would be surely at a premium when you are on an international flight or in a safari car. Keep all this in mind while packing for the trip. Here are some of the things you must carry along with you to the wildlife destination.

Appropriate Clothes

You may carry just a few appropriate clothes as most of the camps, hotels, and resorts at Tadoba would be providing efficient and prompt laundry services. If the vacation would be extending for 7 days or so, you may carry along two pairs of highly useful convertible cargo pants, a fleece jacket, two full-sleeved t-shirts and two half-sleeved t-shirts, a waterproof windbreaker, sweater, four pairs of comfy cotton socks, and also a pair of waterproof pants that could easily be folded.


A Powerful Camera

Always remember to carry a sophisticated camera that boasts of the super powerful lens. You may not necessarily take your DSLR along. But carry a camera that is quite powerful and sophisticated. Your camera must be zooming-in well. Invest in a cutting-edge camera with robust telephoto lenses. You must stay away from wild animals but at the same time, take good close-ups of wild animals in its actual habitat. A good camera is a must if you are intending to go on a jungle safari at night.


Power Plugs Are Vital

Your phone, iPad, or even your camera should be powered up at all times when you are out on a long jungle safari. You must know that all Tadoba National Park resorts have perfect charging facilities but it is a good idea to carry along one universal plug adapter.

The Right Footwear

You must carry a sturdy pair of rain-proof shoes which are a comfortable fit and perfect for walking quite a distance. You may also take along a pair of casual flip-flops for ultimate comfort and style. When your shoes are wet after the rains, these flip-flops would come in handy.



It is a good idea to pack a sunscreen as the tropical sun could be pretty harsh for your skin. Carry an odorless, non-greasy sunscreen lotion or ointment which would keep your face properly moisturized and well-protected from the blazing sun. Use a sunscreen with, at least, SPF 30.

A Good Quality Mosquito Repellant

The dense forests anywhere would be infested with mosquitoes. You are pretty aware of the diseases that are caused by mosquito bites. So, better carry an effective mosquito repellant cream along with you.


Most wild animals are really far away from the usual safari tracks. Moreover, you would not be allowed to drive off the track. So, if you wish to have a close-up view of the beautiful animal species, better carry a smart pair of binoculars.


If you carefully pack stuff for your jungle safari, you would be safe and would be coming back with a wonderful experience.

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