May 19, 2017

How to Pressure Wash a House With Vinyl Siding Like a Pro

Vinyl is one of the most common materials used to build the sidings of houses. Just like any part of the house, the sidings need to be cleaned thoroughly so that they don’t deteriorate over time. Of course, the best tool to use for this type of cleaning would be a pressure washer because only a pressure washer is powerful enough to take away all the dirt, debris, and other substances that can be found on the vinyl sidings. If you’re a beginner at washing vinyl, here are some tips on how to pressure wash a house with vinyl siding.

Beautiful house made out of vinyl sidings and with a red roof

Check the Condition of the House

One of the most important things to do before you start washing your house would be to check all parts of the vinyl sidings. Check if there are any loose parts or any cracks. If there are, you might want to fix them or try to seal them off so that water does not go into the house.

Guy trying to fix the vinyl siding of a house with the use of a drill

Cover Everything With Plastic

Whenever you pressure wash your house, your exterior items will be affected by the water and the chemicals in the cleaning solutions. In order to prevent this, you’re going to have to cover them. Covering everything with plastic will help you protect these things from getting hit. Another thing would be to remove any electrical wiring or appliances from the vicinity before you start. All the things around your vinyl sidings have to be covered.

Use Multi-Purpose Soap

Another cool tip on how to how to pressure wash a house with vinyl siding is to be picky with soap. Whenever you pressure wash your house, it’ll be really good to use a multi-purpose soap solution that is made specifically for cleaning the sidings, the windows, and your metal roof.

Color blue metal roof of a house with piping and a chimney

In order for you to make use of the soap properly, you have to first attach the soap tip to the pressure washer’s head. What this soap tip does is that it lowers the pressure of the water, so it’s easier to control the amount of soap coming off.

Guy using his pressure washer to clean some of the surroundings in his area

Start Spraying at One Section at a Time

Yet another tip on how to pressure wash a house with vinyl siding is to start slowly one place at a time. When you start spraying, you first spray the water at the lower most part. Just concentrate on one area and move the pressure washer slowly from left to right. Stay there in that area for a few minutes, and then move on to the other one later when you’re done. Make sure not to stay in one section too long; otherwise, you might actually damage the vinyl.

Man uses a pressure washer to rinse off his brick house

Rinse Effectively

Rinsing is a very important thing to do after you pressure wash your vinyl sidings. In order to rinse effectively, just switch the tip to a generally used tip so that you can spray water at a 20-degree angle. Doing this would give a strong pressure that will help remove all of the soap on the vinyl. However, you have to be very careful with this tip because the strength of the pressure may actually damage your vinyl siding. Just rinse your vinyl sidings section by section for a short amount of time per section until you see all of the soap washed off.

Colored green expandable garden hose rolled up on the ground

Dilute the Chemicals from the Plants

When you pressure wash your house, your plants will get hit by some chemicals that are present in the soap or detergent that you’re using. So, how do you fix this kind of thing? By simply trying out this one tip on how to pressure wash a house with vinyl siding.In order to clean your plants, you just simply have to use a high-pressure expandable hose to soak the soil of your plants. This will help dilute the chemicals so that the soil and the plants won’t absorb these chemicals.

Man washing the floor of his patio with a high powered pressure washer


With these tips, you’ll be able to pressure wash your house just like a pro. All of these tips on how to pressure wash a house with vinyl siding are definitely tried, tested, and trusted. If you’re going to pressure wash your house, then start by taking note of these tips. When you’ve tried them out, you’ll get the feel of pressure washing just like a pro.

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