Diamonds: The Foundation and the yield

When diamonds were found 2000 years ago when it was found human did not know what it was first he used it as an ornamental thing then he used it as a weapon now he is using it as a symbol of status. Even there are legends about diamonds which are very famous around us like, When Hirakud Dam was building a person found a diamond under the dam construction. He left the labor work after it. He then ruled the market for a long time by trading that single diamond as diamonds of various grades, starting from 10 thousand to billions. So as we know, it can shift Man’s tides Man to change the state of mind. It also has some astronomical POVs. It is the element of Venus, and the metal best suited for it is Platinum. 

Diamond Yielding:

Human hands cannot make diamonds, and it is an auspicious gift from nature. Usually, diamonds take millions of years to settle as diamonds inside the ore are an elemental form of Carbon like Graphite and Coal. When coal goes under high heat and regular friction while the rotation of the mantle plates of Earth for millions of years, diamonds are made, it is the most challenging element found in the earth. It is the only element that can cut even the glass, that can only be broken and cannot even be scratched. 

Trading of Diamonds:

Usually, we have seen women using diamond rings, nose pins, and different diamond-based ornaments before attending any parties and functions. Still, not only the who Buy Diamonds, opticians and glass cutters are the ones who use the diamonds most as they can cut through glasses like butter sliding on the hot pan. Opticians and glass cutters buy a small piece of a diamond and use it for a long time, even a decade, to apply their occupations. Irrespective of the high cost, it redeems the worth in exchange.

India is known as the biggest market for diamond traders. They Sell Diamond in India like nowhere around the globe. As we Indians wear and keep the most amount of ornament. Platinum rings using Diamond knots are very famous around the globe as a symbol of engagement. Diamond can be rated from thousands to millions of dollars, but there are some rare and single-piece diamonds: Oppenheimer Blue, de Beers Centenary, and The all famous Koh-I-Noor, raising the grace of the British queen.  

In astronomy, the diamond is the element of the planet Venus. It has some great astronomical value. Legends say when a person wears a diamond according to his weight and the nature of his planets, he can become a king of the field he goes through. It increases the eyesight of a person and raises his optimistic POV. Diamond has some cheap replicas of its own, like Zircon which are made and synthesized in labs called American diamonds.

A person who wants to wear a diamond but due to some financial reasons or due to his working profession he cannot wear a proper diamond. He can wear an American diamond too. Diamonds can come up to a range and could be of any grade. Trading in diamond needs a certain knowledge which you can learn easily. Nowadays, there are courses available for furbishing and trading diamonds in the market sector. 


Whatever comes from nature has limited supplies except for water and air. Like we know, diamonds cannot be synthesized and only can be found through metal ore. It only has uprising value due to limited supply. When you buy a diamond and keep it for a year and sell it, you can see significant growth in the prices.

You can earn up to 20 – 35 % more in trading diamonds, and now the market is so coherent and transparent, so you can easily find the duplicated ones. There are too many renowned labs around us that provide certified services. You can send the diamond for certification there before purchasing. While selling it, you also can sell it with the certificate, which attracts the customer and raises the trust factor. 

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