Clover POS A Safe and Secure solution

Clover is well known name for creating various Merchant Account Solution. Clover has introduced many developer kits targeting different goals. Retail business, restaurant, hospitality and services are the fields extracting enormous gain from POS system. If you are running a business your mind is blown up with lots of responsibilities. Go for Clover Point of Sale and it will speed up your transaction, simplify your multitasking ability and securely accept payment from any swipe card.

Key Features of POS System

POS system is a smart and reliable way of transaction and keeping an eye on market strategies. Clover pos helps a merchant in many ways.

  • POS is a space saving device which allows smooth customer e-signature and management.
  • POS accepts EMV chip card which allows contactless payments.
  • POS has shard processor and 4GB memory to run apps and business faster.
  • POS secure customer and employee by allowing fingerprint reader.
  • POS runs more than 20 clover apps, easy to install and available in clover market.
  • POS works efficiently with any cashless card like credit card, debit card and EMV chip card.

Additional Tools helpful to increase efficiency of POS

Printer is an optional tool facing customer display that allows contactless payment and their receipt in hand. Scanner is inbuilt in POS system which reads bar code and allows payment hassle free. Other accessories of POS like multiple printers, cash store and scanner all are covered with clover.

Advance POS system Revel POS system

Every business organise its tools and strategies according to the need of sales. Revel point of sales systems is user friendly POS system. Revel POS is different from POS station in several ways. Like customer management, intelligent customer reporting and multi store functionality are the key features that differentiate Revel POS system from other Point OF Sale systems.

Ingredient inbuilt inventory system in Revel POS system is amazing feature because it tracks supplies in detailed manner, along with customer’s information and date. As Revel POS is a software solutions which works cloud based so it’s easy to adjust sales activity anywhere anytime.

Draw backs of Revel POS system

As all equipments has many benefits and limits so is with the Revel POS system. Although Revel is a smart Merchant account solutions, yet it has some limits. Revel do not sync and update frequently. As the sync period is 2-3 days mostly I-phones faces IP issues. Sometime it gets down the server at the peak moment of service. It’s easy to tackle with computer if strong server is there otherwise on android devices it’s frustrating.


Overall performance of Revel POS system is fantastic you just have to identify your business need. If you are running small business than Pos software works in android devices, if you are handling corporate businesses than installation of Clover Point of Sale devices is mandatory. Revel is smart payment processor yet server must be strong. Processor integration is the key of any payment processor. Choose your POS carefully.

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