Chikankari Lehenga Blouse Sleeves Designs for Every Bride-to-be

Gorgeous Chikankari Lehenga Blouse Sleeves Designs for All Stylish Brides-to-be!

The Chikankari bridal lehenga is nearly every brides-to-be dream. Modern-age brides plan their wedding outfit since the time their marriage gets fixed. And to highlight their chikankari bridal outfit, the latest trends and style comes to their rescue. But the most important part of a chikankari bridal lehenga blouse is its sleeves styles.


So for every beautiful bride-to-be that want to make a exceptional fashion statement, we have come up with few gorgeous chikankari lehenga blouse sleeves styles which will surely make you extremely stunning on your wedding day.

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Explore Few Beautiful Chikankari Lehenga Blouse Sleeves Designs for All Stylish Brides-to-be:

  • Embroidered Sleeves: Chikankari embroidery is an intricate yet heavy work which just perfectly suits bridal lehenga. Flaunting your Chikankari lehenga embroidery all over it makes your lehenga look very heavy and makes outshine on your wedding day. Even a simple blouse will outshine with this great type of embellishment on your blouse sleeves. If you are in search for the best blouse for any sort of traditional Indian wedding function then, the embroidered sleeves design can be the perfect choice for you.
  • Quarter Sleeves: Quarter sleeves styles look just amazing when it is perfectly fitted. It is a simple three-forth chikankari sleeve which will make you look better from everyone. Quarter sleeve is just perfect for chikankari bridal lehenga since a part of your arm gets covered with beautiful and colorful matching bangles and is easy to carry. You can also give it a dash of style statement through making quarter cap sleeves with horizontal silhouettes.
  • Puffy Sleeves: Puffy blouse sleeves deliver you an ideal traditional look. The dramatic and exceptional look of the beautiful chikankari blouse puff will provide a stunning twist to your Chikankari lehenga. If you want to give yourself that traditional yet stylish look then, you must choose puffy style sleeve. These are simple yet stylish sleeves for every bride-to-be and save your time too.
  • Sensational Sheer Sleeves: Sheer sleeves having chikankari work on it has always been in the trend. It provides every bride a dreamy fairy tale sort of look today. It looks very sensual and just right to help you make a unique fashion statement on your special day. Its sensual and beautiful see-through effect will make your simple Chikankari bridal lehenga absolutely sassy and creative.
  • Lacy Sleeves: Chikankari work and lace sleeves look absolutely beautiful together. If any bride wants to look younger and stunning then, it is an ideal option for you. Lace effect is generally connected with romance and peaceful mood. So to give your special day that fairy tale look and feel, opt for lace sleeves. If you have a skinny or lean figure then, you can try lacy blouse sleeves as it will assist you to look fuller.
  • Cold Shoulder Sleeves: Cold shoulder is the new in thing presently that if you wear it then, you are surely making fashion statement. Cold shoulder sleeves style is also known as peek-a-boo style shoulders. This sleeves styles is best for every bride-to-be and makes them look absolutely stylish on their special day. You can also flaunt your sassy neck amongst all the guests.

You can also go a little bold and opt for a sleeveless blouse as Chikankari work already accentuates the blouse’s look. It’s your wedding day, for which you have been planning and waiting for since months or years, so better make it super special for you by funking up your style quotient.

All you require doing is just choose the best blouse sleeves mentioned about, which will perfectly accentuate your overall look and your chikankari bridal lehengas’ look on your special day.

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