10 Hottest Jewelry Fashion Trends For Men 2018

The options in men’s jewelry were limited a few years ago. However, the fashion landscape has changed considerably over the years and men have as many choices as women do, both in clothing as well as accessories. This has made the choice no easier for style-conscious men as they still have to struggle to find the pieces with the right blend of masculinity and charm. At the same time, they have to ensure that these pieces are subtle enough but still get them the attention they want. Moreover, there is also a need to follow the trends while selecting the jewelry pieces they want to flaunt. Let us list out the latest trends in men’s jewelry that are hot in 2018.

Jewelry Fashion Trends For Men

Talisman pendants

Talisman jewelry has been around for decades but they have made a big comeback this year as men are flaunting funky, over sized talisman pendants around their necks. It is all about making a statement about your passion and belief, which these pendants do very well. You can choose a religious one if you are a strong believer or pick something that matches your personality. They can be worn in a gold or silver chain, but make sure that the chain is strong enough to support them. Talisman pendants make a good way to experiment with your looks as they are eye-catching and get you all the attention that you want. But when you do choose to wear it, pair it with a smart tee to complete your casual look.


Diamond bracelets

Who says that diamonds are only a girl’s best friend because men can flaunt them with equal aplomb! The trend of diamond bracelets has made it big in the men’s jewelry landscape in 2018 and men of all age groups and tastes are keenly embracing it. This is one piece that defines sophistication and classiness, yet gets heads turning for you. Moreover, this one is a refreshing change as men have always been wearing cabled bracelets in gold and silver. So a diamond bracelet is a piece of jewelry that you must add to your collection this year.

Beaded bracelets

Diamond bracelets are making waves but they are not affordable for all. Another bracelet trend that you can follow in 2018 is that of beaded ones. The most popular style in beaded bracelets is that made in the sophisticated black Onyx beads. Again, this can be an expensive option but it costs much lower than a diamond one. You can try something more vibrant in colored stones or go for a simple style with one made in solid metallic beads in gold or silver. The choice is absolutely yours and you can consider personal preference and budget while picking one for your collection.

The single earring

While the double earring trend has been around for several years now, this year has taken us back to the 80s when the single earring ruled the men’s fashion scenario. Once again, men are happier to show off a single stud rather than wear them in both the ears. Irrespective of the fact that you want to wear a stud, a hoop or a dangler, the concept of a single earring is here and it is here to stay. So if you are planning to get a piercing this year, save yourself the pain and get it only for one side.

Mini hoop earrings

Next on the latest trends that are ruling the male fashion scene this year is that of mini hoop earrings. The urban-chic diamond stud has taken a backseat now and has been taken over by a simple mini hoop in gold, silver or bronze. Several celebrities have endorsed this style by giving up their studs for simple and chic hoops. Like studs, this is a look that you can carry anytime and anywhere as mini hoops are subtle yet attention grabbing. Since the single earring trend is in, you can wear one hoop at a time or go tacky with multiple hoops on one side.

Ultra-fine thread chains

Although the thread-chain has always been regarded as a woman thing, this is one emerging trend in the men’s jewelry segment this year. Now, men’s fashion is catching on a hint of subtleness as the thick chain has been replace by thinner, threaded ones which add sparkle to your neckline without being loud enough to dominate your torso. You can explore a good variety in the chain to get from frost nyc if you want to have a better look at thread chains before buying one. Before you shop for it, check the strength because thinner pieces are likely to be delicate. Similarly, practice good care while you wear and store these thin chains to keep them safe from damage or breakage.

Gold rings

A gold ring is a timeless classic when it comes to jewelry trends for men and it will always be there in any style list, today and forever. Gold rings are a staple for a man’s collection as these are undoubtedly cool as well as add a touch of high class to your overall look. Whether you choose a band or a talisman design, this is one piece that you can carry casually and formally, day and night without any inhibitions. Wearing one in both hands is just going to double up the attention that you can get. So just go ahead and flaunt all that you have!

Multiple Rings

Now that we are talking about rings, there is another cool trend that you must absolutely follow in 2018. Even if you think that it may take things over the board, try wearing multiple rings in both hands. This is one way to achieve a distinct style and be a head turner. But this is one style that is not good for all; do it only if you are comfortable with showing off. Also, this is a casual style and you should keep it reserved only for casual occasions.

Sleek chokers

The choker trend that had come to the forefront in the nineties had reappeared on the runway this season. Velvet, ribbon, gold and even conch shells- these are a few materials that you can experiment with for the eye-catching choker style this year. This piece is perfect for vacations and casual outings but should not be worn with formal attire. Buy a piece that fits your neck snugly to give you the perfect masculine look.

Leather watches

Another item that you must add to your collection this year is a leather watch. Even though gold, silver and diamond watches have been ruling the fashion game, this year belongs to leather all the way. So make sure that you refresh your style statement with a piece or two. Of course, it is always a bonus of you can buy a luxury brand but something less expensive will do the job as well. A classy black and brown are the best picks but you can experiment with color for some extra attention.

When it comes to men’s jewelry, it is all about your personal style as you would want to wear the pieces that reflect your true self and your attitude. Choose pieces that match your personality and preference because these will be the ones that you will be comfortable to wear. But if you are able to fit in the season’s latest trends with your taste, it will be a definite winner. Make sure that you follow these trends as you step out jewelry shopping in 2018!

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