Benefits and tips of incorporating Instagram into your web design

Noted among the most popular social media platforms, the Instagram account is noted for being the best of both worlds with excellent features inspired by Pinterest as well as Tumblr. The concept of image-oriented social media platform is a trend that came into being with Flickr and Tumblr but gained the heights of its popularity with Instagram in the contemporary world. So much so that there are approximately 800 million active Instagram users every month who spent a significant part of the day browsing through the Instagram profiles and the various images and videos that it has to offer the users with. The features, functions as well as the tools related to Instagram are very suitable for business, and the vast number of followers and users of the Instagram account make it an excellent choice for promotional work.

How to integrate Instagram into websites for business promotion?

While the platform is perfectly suitable for business promotion, many web designers wonder about how it would fare if it is integrated into web design as well. There are many benefits of promoting your content through Instagram, and if it is incorporated within your web design as well, it can easily become the perfect tool for all-round promotion in the most hassle-free manner. Here we are going to suggest certain ways in which you can use the Instagram account integrated with your web design as well and together that can bring home a lot of profit. But before all, it is crucial that you ensure that you have real Instagram followers who are dedicated to your posts and frequently share and actively participate in any activities that you forecast on the Instagram account.

Embedding an Instagram feed

This is one of the widely used methods of integrating Instagram with your website, and many commercial websites have created a brand name of their own with the help of such methodologies. This is suitable for any type of business, and you can rest assured that if the website is attractively designed, most of the visitors are likely to go through it all and click on the feed as well. Embedding a feed somewhere on the website which looks subtle and yet can be easily located is the key to integrating Instagram in this manner on your site. If the color scheme and the overall design of the website match with the Instagram account page layout you can appeal further to the prospective clients. Businesses like clothing and beauty products which are more images oriented and benefit in particular with such ideas and use them for getting more followers on their Instagram account as well.

Creating a lookbook

This is another method of generating an Instagram feed where the entire website is designed like a lookbook of the images which are linked back to the Instagram profile. The style of the images for the products makes it obvious that they are shot for the Instagram account rather than the e-commerce website. This is a very subtle promotional method as you visually appealing images would attract the users to want to click on them and as they move the cursor on the image they would be able to get an Instagram link for the image where they can view the product details and the price and other details about the product that may be too informal for the commercial website. Choosing the right kind of website theme is essential to successfully blend your Instagram with such a lookbook style of website design. There are many image oriented themes which are perfect for such a design and hence you must make a choice accordingly. A clean and easy to navigate website design which is brightly designed with very aesthetically choreographed images is the best choice for integrating your Instagram with your website.

Sales through Instagram

This is a very straightforward promotional method where it is made very evident on the website that you can shop for the products from their Instagram account as well. Or you can find every product displayed on Instagram on the site too. This is a strategy which ensures that you have sales from every possible aspect and focus majorly on the sales part. Clothing and boutiques particularly benefit from such a promotional method. Highlighting the best photographs from your Instagram account on the website with a caption that redirects you to the Instagram page from where you can shop for that exact style is a very advantageous shopping option. Moreover, your Instagram can have multiple images of the products shot in a very aesthetical manner with various creative angles to give the buyers an idea of how the product can be put to maximum use.

Since this is a primarily mobile app, the shopping experience is simplified for the users who can easily browse your products through Instagram and do not have to worry about the website which may not function as smoothly on mobile devices even if most sites these days have a responsive interface.

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There are different types of products which can be sold and promoted through Instagram. Connecting the website with your Instagram account is an excellent tactic to pool your traffic in one place and intensify it. Some major business tycoons across the world use these tactics to build a brand name for their company. It can be concluded that the tips provided here are some of the best options that you have and implementing them right would give you access to more and more traffic from the prospective clients. When you have a significant number of followers on your website as well as Instagram, consistent profit is easily gained.

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