Resurgence of Bell Bottom Jeans – Flares Vs Bell Bottom Jeans

Bell bottoms jeans are fashionable jeans from the 1970s that have the appearance of bells below the knees. They used to be popular back then, but they’ve just gained popularity again. It is a trend that keeps fading and resurfacing in the fashion cycle. The flaring form commands attention because of its exceptional capacity to prolong the profile and give it a slender, elegant appearance.

Like a pendulum, fashion changes. It moves and advances. A trend goes away for a while, but it never truly vanishes; rather, it swings back into fashion and remains there until it vanishes once more. Everyone likes to keep up with and follow trends in fashion (clothes, accessories, shoes, etc.).

In this article, we’ll discuss how they’re making a comeback, their history, and who they’re most suited for. Continue reading for styling advice as well as other information.

Origin of Bell bottom jeans

It was made for the sailors of the United States Navy because it was practical and because they had a suitable, balanced dress code. Instead, they need roomy leg pants that would allow them to grasp their soldiers if they fell from their ship. When the sailor had to swim to the board or to the land, these pants are simple to take off. It gradually began to disappear, and the Navy switched to less wide or more straight-leg pants. They almost made a resurgence in the 1970s because local people bought them.

How are they worn in the present day?

Nowadays, they are available on practically all lifestyle websites. It’s possible that the first link you click when searching for these jeans on the internet may lead to a website where you can easily purchase the item. Although they appear unusual and challenging to maintain, that is exactly the goal. Since you are only at ease in your pajamas, comfort is never a goal of fashion. The entire goal of fashion is to look unique, and they undoubtedly catch the eye of anyone who sees them for the first time. They each have their own style, and we’ll explain what looks best with them below.

Who are they best suited for?

They offer you a tall appearance, and due to their bell-shaped form, most tall girls choose them. It’s not like they’re just meant for tall people; short females can also wear them, but they have to wear them differently than tall girls do. Instead of wearing baggy t-shirts, short females can opt to wear these jeans with crop tops.

Difference between bell bottom jeans and flare jeans

Contrary to flares, which are not as broad but slightly narrower from the knees down, bell bottom jeans have a fairly wide form from the knees to the ankle. This is the only major advantage and as you can see, there aren’t many variations between flares and bell bottom jeans; they’re essentially the same. They are frequently used in conjunction.

How are they making a comeback?

For a very long time, skinny jeans were the most popular item in many people’s closets. After ten years, bell bottom jeans made a significant reappearance. They peaked in the 1970s, disappeared for a while, and have since returned, as is typical of many fashion trends.

The flared look, whether it be in suit pants, leggings, or denim jeans, should be credited to the runways. After the 1970s, it reached a new peak in 2022. They were created by fashion enthusiasts, not just from this generation but also from the 1970s.

How should you style these jeans?

You can style them in the following way:

  • Tube tops – When you pair it with a light shade tube top it gives you a sophisticated classic look
  • Crop tops – The jeans themselves give you a tall look and the crop top adds more to it.
  • Fitted cami – Fitted Camisole will give a very casual look.
  • Baggy t-shirts – Baggy t-shirts give a cool look and also help stay in your comfort zone.

How can you wear it with your formals?

 You can wear them in a formal way as well. The outfit match will be a white shirt tugging in with flared jeans and classy-looking heels. This type of outfit can be worn in the office, dinner date, at a small gathering, etc. You can also go for black on black, nude on nude, or a contrast look with one or two pieces of light jewelry.


There is no way of knowing how long bell bottom jeans from the 1970s will remain in style. Fashion fans are embracing a lot of cutting-edge trends, and you can easily buy them online. Although they might appear to be difficult to maintain at first, once they are, they look incredibly attractive. They are really adaptable, and we’ve already discussed styling options. Test them out to find which one suits you the most.


1) What are bell bottom jeans?

The jeans which are tight to the knees and loose or flared from below from the knee are bell bottom jeans.

2) When did they originate?

They were made in the mid-60s by the U.S Navy than it peeked in the 70s and currently they are back in fashion.

3) What kind of footwear goes best with them?

You can wear them with hi-tops, boots, sneakers, or heels.

4) Are they still relevant in the present day?

Yes they are still relevant in the present as they are easily available in all major fashion stores

5) Should you wear them?

Yes, you should obviously wear them as they give classy, baggy, etc looks if you wear them with full confidence.

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