Background Check, Research and a Good Property Dealer is all You Need to Start Investing

There are a number of first timers out there who have a good amount of savings to start investing in properties, but they don’t know how to do it intelligently. This can be good depending on how they approach it. If one approaches it heads on without doing minimal research then he’s bound to get ripped off. However, an adequate research along with professional help might be initially expensive and time consuming but it will work wonders in the long run.

It is very important for investors to know what exactly they want, then firms that can help with investments get clarity about the investor’s investment horizon and return outlook.

It is preferable that investors are conscious about the portfolio management, exist strategies and research analysis than leaving it all on the firm. Getting involved in the process is the key.

What is pre leased?

As the name suggests,pre leased properties simply means real estate getting leased out to a tenant currently but is up for sale. This pre leased commercial property in greater noida,, yields a monthly rental which gets transferred to a buyer as soon as the transaction is fully complete.

Why should one invest in pre-leased property

If you want to generate a good amount of monthly revenue then buying a property and then putting it on lease is the best way to do so. Slowly and steadily, the capital appreciation also starts working as time passes. There are many ways for an investor to calculate his rate of interest if he wants to acquire property. A simple formula would be monthly rent, multiplied by number of months into 100, divided by sale price. After calculating the rate of interest you can finally focus on the capital appreciation the pre leased property can get. If you lease out a property in a commercial area where properties are in high demand, you will get good returns. Further, it is also witnessed that a good area gets a capital appreciation that is around ten percent annually.

Companies helping investors get an investment outcome flowchart made to show the full lease term so that the potential investors get an idea about how much a particular amount of money gets appreciated after a point of time. This helps the people to get a general idea as to how much the money gets appreciated counting the rental escalations and expenditures.

Different types of Pre-leased properties:

There are mainly two types of Pre-leased properties, which are:

  1. Commercial
  2. Residential

A commercial pre-leased property usually has a commercial activity role and can be subdivided into more parts like:

Pre-leased restaurants, ATMs, banks, food joints, office spaces,showrooms, street retail shops, banquets, hotels, schools and other institutions, warehouses, industrial sheds.

Out of all of these, the properties that are in most demand are the ones where a bank is a probable tenant. A bank as a tenant gotten by a pre leased property consultant in greater noida feels like a very secure investment when it comes to rent defaulting and long lease tenures. Usually a bank signs a 9-12 year lease term with the landlord in question and submits a 3 month rent security of three months. This makes bank secure.

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