A Complete Guide to Buying Gaming Headsets

Gaming headsets are used by thousands of gamers around the world. They are designed to let the wearer to enjoy the latest high-tech games without having to connect up to a computer to do so. Using a headset helps isolate the noises in the game and minimize disturbances. But there are so many gaming devices to choose from nowadays that it’s hard to know where to begin. Before you head out and buy any gaming device, you should ask yourself these questions:

Will the headset work on a regular PC or will it need to be converted to a more compatible format? Playing on a regular computer with an average specification will most likely not give you the quality sound that you desire. Most gaming headsets require a working version of the windows operating system, and the sound card to be compatible with your computer. A good compatibility check list can be found online to find out which system’s sound card and PC are compatible with each other. If you do not have one of these devices, your options will be limited to either a wireless device that connects to your PC via a USB cable or a wired device that uses your broadband connection. Wireless devices will give you excellent sound clarity for games like drift hunters 2 but may be prone to interference from other wireless devices.

Will I be comfortable using the headset? Some people prefer a wired device because of their inherent comfort and ease of use. Others like wireless headsets because of their portability and the freedom to move around while in gaming sessions. The microphone built into the headsets is also a deciding factor on whether you will be comfortable using it. Some headsets include a built-in microphone, while others require that you purchase a separate microphone to use with them. Wireless devices tend to have a much clearer sound than those that require a microphone, which is often the case with gaming headsets that come with a mic.

How good is the battery life of the wireless headset? You should check how long each of the batteries can last for. Although most gaming headsets can operate well for an hour or so on a single charge, some will only last up to an hour or two on a single charge. Other factors such as how much you are actually playing the game, how often you use the microphone, and the quality of your internet connection will also affect the battery life.

Does the microphone included with the gaming headsets work well with my computer? Some microphone included with headsets might not work very well at all with certain computers, so you will need to check this. Sometimes you can buy a separate microphone to attach to your computer if this becomes an issue. Other features such as extra buttons, volume controls, speaker buttons, etc. will vary depending on each particular headset. Are there any extra features that you want to have for your gaming headsets besides the above? For example, some headsets come with the ability to connect to a home theater system, like your home theater system, through a connection cable instead of wirelessly. If you want to be able to easily watch movies and listen to music with surround sound then you might want to purchase one headset with these features.

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