5 Best Gaming Laptops Of 2017

With the most searchable query of buying top of the line Windows gaming, it’s tough to locate an intense gaming station that will play the most difficult of activity, throughout the day and at the peak of providing the best high-resolution displays. Today’s article is currently to clear out that sort of problem into something constructive information to let all the gamers and laptop freaksknow the top most gaming laptops with their best specifications and most truthful reviews.

1. Dell Inspiron 15 7559

dell inspiron

Lastly from the family of Dell laptops, the Inspiron 15 7000 Series came out to be the most durable bought laptop to survive as desktop replacement at home or the office. Its powerful distinct graphics display will please any gamers and professional despite of the fact its reflective screen and a trying trackpad knocks out visibility for the users. If all these setbacks don’t hold you back, then get it right away.

2. Asus RoG GL552VW-DM201T

asus rog

Asus’s one and only RoG GL552 is affordable with lower-spec laptop on the RoG G752 claiming to be the best gaming laptops ever. With its artificial parts of the design being poor, its screen is not that good and making its trackpad rather annoying than being an accessible feature. However, in search of getting a good gaming experience laptop and within the offered price, this is a pretty good catch.

3. Alienware 17


Alienware 17 is among the best gaming laptops you can ever buy. At this point we just need to check out it’s relevant competition like the Asus G752, Acer G9-791 and so on to find out which will become our recommended for 2017 gamers with heavy pockets to spend on. Great performance is no doubt there in the Alienware box, but what really is to commend on is its large and super quiet fans usage. No matter how much hard work it is going inside, Alienware will never let you know on the outside. The main concern is one around price and is among the most selling tablets in Bangladesh. While the Alienware 17’s basic specifications appear at first competitive, by leaving out the expensive but likely popular 16GB RAM and SSD upgrades, the most desirable configurations for the people are still going to end up rather expensive.

4. Asus RoG G752VM

Asus RoG G752VM

Asus’s amazingly new ROG G752VM is one of the top gaming laptops especially designed for those who want top performance with a compact design to be handled with ease. Its designprevents it from getting extremely hot or loud even on the toughest amount of pressure that makes the companypretty confident enough to make the step-up model with the Nvidia GTX 1070 GPU great enough to use. As the prices of high-end models like the MacBook Pro and among Hplaptops model Spectre 13 have increased, Asus ROG G752VM is still a better buy than last year’s model with its latest 10-series Nvidia graphics cards.

Despite of having two rungs lower, its gaming performance is not all that far from the former GTX 980M, and like that of the desktop-grade GTX 970 making it perfect for 1080p Resolution gaming. There are still few issues likeits textured glass trackpad would have been more suitable and we’d like to see Asus put an extra effort into the sound quality of its speaker rather than just making it loud.

5. MSI GL62-6QC 065UK


The MSI GL62 looks like a normal gaming laptop, but it has a few neat tricks on its sleeves hold up its position in the market. Though its SteelSeries keyboard may not be appealing for everyone, but its mechanical key-inspired feel is exclusive, and its display color capacity is very inspiring at the price offered, even if the screen won’t blow you away in other aspects.

This laptop may not be suitable for hardcore gamers or performance snobs, but it is still a solid gaming laptop with the right level of future-proofing providing the best display which makes it an excellent first impression.

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