5 Ways to Keep Your Employees Safe and Prepared During Tornado Season

The best way to keep your employees safe during a tornado is to have a good weather system tracker in place to keep you abreast of incoming storms. When disaster hits, however, Earth Network has five ways to promote storm safety for employees during tornado season.

1. Have a detailed emergency plan.

Identify the safest area of your property for employees to find shelter. If your business lacks a basement, use a room in the center of your property, away from outside walls and windows. Make sure there’s enough space for everyone you’ll need to accommodate.

2. Orchestrate drills and exercises.

As tornado season approaches, work storm preparation into your daily operations. Staff should be thoroughly informed of the emergency plan, so they know exactly where to go and when. During staff meeting allotments, consider running tornado drills for all staff so everyone feels comfortable with the process.

3. Track the weather.

No matter what preparations you make, you won’t truly be prepared until you have a reliable system of monitoring severe weather. Earth Networks provides you with detailed forecasts with your business’s specific concerns in mind. Know when the storm is coming and put your emergency plan into practice.

4. Establish a communication chain.

For larger businesses especially, you need an efficient way of informing staff of severe weather. Whether you have workers offsite or contained in your building, you’re responsible for keeping them in-the-loop when a tornado interrupts the workday.

5. Assemble an emergency kit.

When situations become dire, it’s crucial that every business has a well-stocked emergency kit containing first-aid supplies, flashlights, batteries, and anything else you think you’ll need. Make sure all employees know where the kit is housed and that they have access to it in case of emergency.

Tornadoes are scary enough on their own, before you even consider the impact a severe storm can have on the operation of a business. At Earth Networks, we’ll assist you with business continuity management to get your day-to-day activities back on track as soon as possible. Call us today at 301-417-5244.

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