11 Wardrobe Hacks to Make Your Outfit Stylish

When it comes to dressing stylishly, you may need to change up your wardrobe a bit. Also, if you cannot afford to fill another closet with solely stylish outfits, it may involve you getting some easy wardrobe hacks.

It does not matter where you work; Whether it is in a more casual environment or somewhere that is highly professional, you can not afford to go to your workplace or internship wearing the exact thing you would wear to the mall on a Saturday.

Whether this is your first time doing this or you have been doing it for some time, it can be quite overwhelming to figure out what outfits are stylish and what outfits are not. Hence, let us examine the following wardrobe hacks that can make your outfit stylish.

11 Wardrobe Hacks to Make Your Outfit Stylish

Use Neutral Colors as Your Foundation

When you think of a classic and elegant outfit, you should picture different neutral colors. The reason is that neutrals are enduring, timeless, and chic. They are ever in fashion all through the year and irrespective of the season.

What makes neutrals even better is that you can effortlessly mix and match them. Whether you are looking to create a monochrome neutral outfit or you are using them as the basis for an outfit, there are numerous combinations that leverage neutrals which will always look stylish and well-polished.

Jeans With Heels, Rather than Flats

Nice jeans can be worn virtually everywhere, including to your place of work, except if you work at a highly professional office.

Pairing your jeans with heels will make you look stylish. However, flats are not bad looking, as they give off a casual weekend vibe. But these target heels have a small heel, automatically giving your outfit a stylish working-girl vibe.

If You Will Wear Flats, Make Them Pointy Toe Flats Rather Than Loafer-Style

It is completely okay to wear flats whenever you want to, but you should go for pointy-toe flats more than smoking shoes or loafer styles.

This is because the loafer or smoking shoe style gives a much more casual style, even when paired with a blazer. Pointy-toe flats, on the other hand, could make you look more dressed up and stylish.

Employ the Use of Hats

Big hats are summer accessories that you should possess as a fashion-conscious person. They are not only a practical addition to your summer wardrobe which will protect your face and neck from excessive exposure to the sun, but they are also a good way to dress up or improve even the most basic outfit.

Front-Tuck a Long Shirt, Don’t Leave it Down

This seemingly little tweak can make all the difference in your outfit. A simple front tuck could make your outfit look organized, professional, and stylish. You could tuck it in all around if you wish and add a slim belt to achieve more stylishness.

Choose Fitted Clothes Instead of Baggy Clothes

Admittedly, baggy and loose clothes are comfortable and can look chic when correctly styled. But they also look too casual and could make you appear “careless”. Thus, going for what will correctly fit you will make a huge difference in making you look chicer.

Wear Solid Colors Rather Than Busy Patterns

Colors can be as classy and elegant when correctly leveraged. The appropriate solid and classic colors may be just the right foundation for your wardrobe. Bold blues, daring red, and colors that make the eyes pop are classic options which will always remain in style.

It is not that you cannot wear patterns at all, but in many cases, solid colors look more stylish. If you are going for a casual outing, this may not apply to you. But if you are going for a more official outing or you have a highly-rated meeting to which you desire to look impressive, this hack does apply to you.

Even with accessories, solid colors look more appropriate for a stylish appearance than busy-patterned clothes.

Try a Monochrome Look

Stylish monochrome outfits never go out of style. In the same way, they don’t require much effort to create an easy, classy look. As a matter of fact, once you have a solid wardrobe in place with certain major neutrals and solid colors in mind, generating a classic monochrome look will be the easiest way for you to organize a sophisticated outfit.

A monochrome outfit means you are wearing just one color, but each piece may be a different tone or texture in the same color family. However, ensure you are matching the shade as well as the tone.

Wear a High Neck and High Waist

Even though the perfect V-neck can be strikingly elegant, a high neckline is an easy option for a refined look, regardless of the occasion. Turtlenecks, mock necks, basic crew necks, collars, or high V necks are timeless necklines which will become staples in your closet. Interestingly, many women feel comfortable in higher necklines after they get used to it.

Abide by the Rule of Thirds

The fashion rule of thirds states that the proportion of your outfit should be one-third to two-thirds. This means of your entire outfit, the top should be ⅓, and the bottom should be ⅔ or vice-versa. If your outfit is ½ to ½, you will likely appear unbalanced and out of proportion.

Wear Blazers More

Blazers are fast becoming an everyday piece, instead of just a workpiece, due to the fact that they are elegant effortlessly. They are ideal as a light jacket layer when you do not know what to wear. They immediately enhance even the most casual outfits, such as a t-shirt and jeans.

Stylish Outfit

Dressing classy is not about spending a lot of money. Rather, it is about constructing a stylish and refined outfit. It is about getting elegant, flattering clothes that will make you look and feel awesome. It is about allowing your confidence to shine through your outfit.

Hence, following the wardrobe hacks described above will always make you look stylish.

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