Best Kept Secrets Of Keeping Cats From Pooing In Your Garden

Cats are a wonderful animal and make great pets, however when you own a garden they can be frustrating, especially when they continually poo in the areas where you want to garden and dig. With little surpriseseverywhere, it can be hard to work in the garden without becoming victim to their unexpected surprise. For those who are wanting to keep cats from pooing in their garden, the following is an expert guide on some of the best kept secrets and tips that you can use to keep cats from leaving their left-overs in your garden. Let’s get started.

Tips To Stop Cats Pooing In Your Garden
Chicken Wire and Stakes
One of the most popular options to keep cats from pooing in your garden is by placing some chicken wire over the top that’s secured with wooden stakes. In order to do this simplybend, the chicken wire into a dome shape and place it over the top of your garden. Drive the wooden stakes down through it and tie the wire to the stakes. In creating a dome over the top of your garden it will limit access to it. This leaves the cat having to do their business elsewhere.
Automatic Water Jet Sprayers
Another solution that could help prevent cats from pooing in your garden is buying and installing an automatic water jet sprayer. These types of jet sprayers send out a spray of water when it detects something is in close proximity to it. The sprayer can easily be hidden in amongst the flowers and plants, and can be a surprise for the cat when it goes to do its business. Over time when the cat gets wet a few times, it will learn to go to the toilet elsewhere.
Use Plants That Repel Cats
Cats, like humans, don’t like the smell of certain plants. To help keep cats away from the garden it’s a good idea to plant different flowers and plants such as lavender, rue, pennyroyal, lemon thyme, and Coleus Canina. Due to their strong smell, cat’s dislike these types of plants and will stay well away from the garden. This can help to stop them from pooing in your garden and will help to deter them for a long time.
Throw Citrus Peels In The Garden
It’s well known that cats don’t like the smell of strong citrus scents. Because of this it’s also a good idea to throw citrus fruit peels into the garden to help create a strong scent. With enough smell your feline foe will move onto another garden to poo in.
Remove Cat Poo As Soon As You See It
Cats tend to return to the same area where they can smell their poo from a previous trip to the toilet. If you remove any sign of cat poo from the garden it will help to lessen the chance of the cat returning. This is also the same if they urinate. If your catch them urinating, try to wash it away as it will also bring them back to the same location again to do their business.


Give Them Somewhere Else To Go
Building a small sandbox on your property and allowing cats to poo in there can help to deter them from the garden. Cats love soft soil-like areas to do their pooing, so a sand pit is a great choice. With another place to go for their toileting needs, you can help to retrain them to another location.
Getting a cat to stop pooing in your garden isn’t an overnight fix, but there are long term solutions. Cats are creatures of habit and by using these tips above you can help to reteach them to go to the toilet someplace else. So, are you going to try any of these tips?

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