Different Aspects Of Iganony, An Anonymous Instagram Story Viewer

The anonymous Instagram story viewer is IgAnony. It is a website used to view the stories of other people without giving them any updates. In other words, IgAnony is used to view stories anonymously. Basically, IgAnony stands for “Instagram Anonymous”. 

This anonymous Instagram story viewer tool helps to get access to a particular profile without their knowledge. We can watch all hidden content by using this tool, even if their account is public.

As the other websites and tools ask to register the user name, address, phone number, or email ID, the IgAnony does not ask for any of the information.

As the perfect solution to view a story more quickly by the tool IgAnony, you don’t have to pay any fee to use its services. Also, you can download, reshare, and rewatch stories, videos, and pictures with high resolution by the Instagram story viewer, IgAnony.

Different features of IgAnony:

  • It is a website accessible for free of cost
  • It acts as an anonymous Instagram story viewer
  • On this website, there is no need to share personal information.
  • This tool helps to get access to a particular profile without their knowledge.
  • Any device connected to the internet, like Android smartphones, tablets, iPads, or iPhones can be used to view Instagram stories. 
  • The IgAnony supports photos in JPEG format and videos in MP4 format.
  • All hidden contents can be viewed by using this tool.

Importance of IgAnony:

Users of numerous platforms’ online apps still place a high value on privacy. It is possible to browse Instagram Stories covertly without alerting the account holder. There could be good rationale for your actions, including avoiding awkward discussions or protecting your privacy when engaging with content. IgAnony is aware of these kinds of situations and can help you enjoy Stories without leaving a trace.

How to use IgAnony:

There are some easy steps to be followed to view Instagram stories anonymously.

  • Open the official website of IgAnony at https://iGanony.io/ to get started.
  • Enter the username or URL of the person whose stories are to be viewed anonymously.
  • Browse and choose the desired story.
  • Now view the story and enjoy it without sharing your identity as a viewer.
  • If you want to download any Instagram story or post, you can do it without any trouble.
  • Also, you can watch Instagram highlights of the same user for free of cost.

Techniques for protecting anonymity:

The IgAnony Instagram viewer effectively hides your identity with state-of-the-art technologies. You may watch Stories in total privacy as your viewing behavior remains hidden. You can watch Instagram stories anonymously and without leaving a trace by using iGanony.com. Discover fascinating material while keeping your privacy intact.

Advantages of using IgAnony:

  • It can maintain privacy without notifying the users to view the Instagram stories.
  • Able to satisfy the interest without disturbing the consequences.
  • It can increase the browsing experience by sinking with content on the terms.
  • It can permit to download the users’ Instagram stories and posts without their knowledge.
  • The feature of this site is available free of cost
  • It restricts the security service from identifying the API of the user.
  • Stories will be removed after one day.
  • It is able to catch up the missed moments through the archive and highlight feature.

The Way to Defend Your Anonymity by IgAnony:

IgAnony offers advanced technology to conceal your identity effectively. All activities remain unknown, allowing you to enjoy Stories unidentified.

View Instagram stories anonymously with IgAnony without leaving a hint. Safely explore gorgeous content while preserving your privacy.


Today it is not required to explore Instagram content with the requirement for an Instagram account or app facilities.

Have you any interest in exploring Instagram content without the requirement for an Instagram account? If so, your wait is over. 

Only a username is required to access the Instagram profiles, as the IgAnony simplifies the process. Even you can save your favorite profiles for access easily. Everything is watched to charm Instagram profiles not giving intimation to the profile owners.

IgAnony is the gateway of Instagram. It offers the freedom to discover, explore, and enjoy content without any limitations. Hopefully, you can unlock the full potential of Instagram with IgAnony from today onwards.


Is IgAnony free accessible or chargeable?

IgAnony provides free access to view Instagram stories. It is not a chargeable tool.

Can IgAnony permit you to view private account’s stories?

No, IgAnony permits only to show off Instagram stories from public accounts.

Is it possible to view the Instagram stories on mobile devices?

IgAnony is an online web tool. It can be accessed on any device connected to the internet. Android smartphones, tablets, iPads, or iPhones all these mobile devices can be used to view Instagram stories. 

What do you mean by the anonymous viewer?

Anonymous viewers are those who can view the Instagram stories discretely without showing up in the list of people have been seen by.

Is IgAnony able to collect my data?

It is quite impossible to track the user action or download history. Only the search history or favorites list will be saved in the browser.

What type of file format is supported by IgAnony?

The IgAnony supports photos in JPEG format and videos in MP4 format.

Is there any alternative for Iganony?

The best alternatives for IgAnony are Glassgram, SmiHub, QoobStories, Installer, etc.

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