Protect Your Mouth and Face by Wearing Mouthguard While Playing Sports

We love our body and are always careful in every way possible and protect ourselves. Injury in one part can mess up our entire life and make it chaotic. A lot of people are in sports, and there are supportive gears to support our organs. In order to safeguard our teeth and gums, there are dental mouthguards available in the market.Actually, it is a device intended for protecting the teeth of the user and is temporarily attached over the natural denture to stop any sort of damage to the teeth. It protects the entire mouth from any physical damage during sports. It has been found out that about 20% of injuries happening during sports occur in and around mouth; hence the mouthguards can be the best protection for any sport player.

Diverse types of mouthguards

There are different types of mouthguardsavailable in the market; one can choose any depending on their own personal and game requirements. The major ones are explained in brief as below.

  1. Ready to wear mouthguard: It is readily available and is cheaper compared to other options. It is already moulded in right shape. It is heavy and bulky, and can offer discomfort initially. They are not much usable, can be worn only while playing light games. Most of the dentists do not suggest wearing readymade mouthguard pieces.
  2. Boil and mouth: It is often suggested by many dentists for sports players. It offers a lot of benefits to the wearer. This mouth piece is also known as mouth formed guard. It fits better than the ready to wear guard as it fits well into the mouth. Thermoplastic is used to make this mouthguard. Before using it, it has to be kept in warm water for some time till it gets soft and then place over the gums and teeth.
  3. Customised mouthguard: It is the best form of mouth protector suitable for one and all as it is designed as per individual’s mouth shape. The impression of the person’s mouth is carefully taken and then the guard is made precisely. It is comfortable, soft and does not hurt the wearer. Although it is expensive in nature, it is worth every penny spent. Only experts make this mouthguard, hence, it is considered to be the perfect choice for sports players.
  4. The guards for the mouths are sold in the market and can be availed from the dentists. There are three basic types of mouth guards, based on their manufacturing style and costs.

Why to wear mouthguards?

The main reason to wear mouthguard is for ultimate protection for teeth and gums. However, there are a lot of benefits that mouthguards have to offer the users, let us check out a few of them as follows.

  • Avoid injury to face: When your teeth get damaged, your entire facial structure will be spoilt. In order to avoid this and suffer later, you need to wear the right kind of mouthguard. It will protect the face muscles and will make sure you have a perfect face.
  • No dental injury: A minor hit on the mouth can lead to dental injuries such as avulsion, fracture and luxation. If you want complete protection from these kinds of messy situations, a mouth protector can offer you security. However, it is important that the protector is fixed well on the teeth and gums. If it is losing, then even a light punch on the face will drop it. Make sure to purchase a good quality custom fit mouth protector.
  • Avoid complex dental treatments: If you are scared of dental treatment like crowns, root canal, and other prosthetic work then wear mouth protector always when there is risk of injury over the mouth or face.

People who wear mouth guards often complain uneasiness while wearing those as it obviously is not comfortable, mainly at the initial stage. Just like people with dentures take their time getting adjusted to it, a mouth guard wearer feels a little discomfort at initial stages and then slowly gets accustomed to it. However, they acknowledge numerous benefits after using the guard after days as it prevents any kind of injury to the teeth.

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