How to Become a Professional Footballer?

Getting paid to play soccer is a quick summary of the profession of a professional footballer. If it is the dream of many young boys, and more and more young girls, the profession of footballer nevertheless hides other realities than the staggering salaries of the greatest players in the world. How to Become a Professional Footballer?

The mission of the profession: Professional Footballer

Playing soccer to represent his soccer camps Vancouver, club, or his national team is the main mission of a professional footballer. To exercise their profession in the best conditions, certain obligations punctuate the daily life of these high-level athletes:

• train daily to develop or maintain their physical and technical qualities;

• respect a healthy lifestyle compatible with high-level sport;

• represent the club that employs them through their image to the public or the media.

Becoming a Professional Footballer: Required Qualities

The physical and technical qualities, optimal are obviously necessary to be eligible to become a professional footballer, what is more to a big club. Depending on the expectations of recruiters and coaches, some may rely on their technical qualities (like Messi or Ronaldo to quote famous footballers) or on their physical endurance. However, the taste for the effort to support the training loads, the determination, and the ability to make many sacrifices (outings, family weekends), will also be the keys to success for those who wish to make a professional living from their favorite sport. . Finally, listen to others, whether it is his coach but also those around him for career choices, and the ability to question oneself, are two other qualities possessed by the majority of those who have succeeded in the profession.

Professional Footballer: career/possibility of development:

The career of a footballer has two characteristics: it is very selective and very short. There are in fact in France more than 2 million footballers licensed in a club, for only 1% of them having the status of a professional footballer. The second characteristic of this career is its relatively short duration. Although professional footballers start their first matches earlier and earlier, the career of a professional footballer lasts on average over ten years. It is then necessary to think very quickly about its reconversion when the sports performances begin to decrease. Monthly gross salary of a beginner: 1500 €

Becoming a Professional Footballer: training required

Getting spotted from an early age, integrating a sports option at school and then a training center as early as possible, is the royal road to hope to become a professional footballer one day. It is indeed almost impossible, although some professional players have succeeded in doing so, to become a professional footballer without a course in a training center. Some soccer clubs are particularly famous for their training centers. The choice of the latter can then be of capital importance for the rest of the career.

Job situation/context to become a Footballer

If the beginner’s salary is around 1,500 euros per month, this figure quickly becomes derisory when sports performance increases. Making it possible to earn an extremely good living playing soccer, the profession of professional footballer remains nonetheless reserved for a sports elite. Faced with the millions of young players around the world, who aspire to practice this profession, recruiters have no mercy in the search for their future talents, and an early injury can in a few days put an end to a much-desired career. So, if the greatest footballers are obviously immune to financial troubles once their careers are over, the retraining of a majority of them remains a sensitive subject in the community.


Keep in mind that between wanting and realizing your dream of becoming a professional footballer, there is a long way to go. Therefore, if you are accepted in a training center, follow school courses with as much motivation as in the field.

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